10 Best Rated Microwave Ovens For International Customers

10 Best Rated Microwave Ovens For International Customers : A perplexing question commonly bothers us whether we “live to eat” or “eat to live.” Whatever the case, one thing is confirmed that we do not exist to be force-fed the frozen, stalled, or semi-cooked stuff.

To avoid this hellish gastronomy, every household should be adorned with the quick food refurbisher – Yes! You guessed incredibly right. We are talking about the microwave oven—the nifty electronic miracle to grill, heat, and brown the food at hand.

This blog is solely dedicated to direct you towards buying an over-the-top microwave oven for your newly renovated or old comfy kitchen.

Know Your Requirements
Before browsing the online marketplaces, you must be aware of the customized requirements beforehand. The requirements vary from kitchen to kitchen, and the customer should know the juncture where she stands.

Where to Place
Firstly, the buyer must be aware of the oven’s placement to purchase the right oven for the right place. Right + Right = Perfect.

The three trendy positions of oven placement are;

Countertop – the oven is simply placed over the kitchen counter.
Over-the-range (OTR) – the oven is placed over the range to save up the counter space.
Built-in – This high-end placement allows the oven to be placed in drawer style.
What Size Fits All
Size means capacity; the buyer should consider that as per eating habits, how much stuff is needed to be placed in the oven. As commercial ranges are way different than domestic ones, a paired family may require a spacious heating device, while the bachelor or nuclear ones might be okay with the little wonder.

The Type Best Facilitates Your Taste Buds
There are sundry microwave ovens, and the buyer needs to cherry-pick one from the broad spectrum. The main types are;

Solo – The entry-level oven with the essential heating or cooking function.
Grill – suitable for succinct meat and soft veggie grilling.
Convection – Comes up with a fan and heating element that produces the swirling heated waves to bestow the final touch to grilling or baking cuisine.
Money indeed has the final say. Interestingly, some pricey high-end ovens are equipped with the high-five functions that are not used even in the whole lifetime by a specific buyer, hence overburdening the user unjustifiably. This price crunch happens when the user is unaware of its requirement and contemporary price tags. Nevertheless, quality microwave ovens are up for sale in a moderate price regime.

Wattage Choice
Electricity prices are higher in some regions, and a generous power sucker may turn you broke. You must consider how much flexibility is in your budget to accommodate the extra power consumption, and then you may go for a particular wattage.

9 Features You Must Sneak into Before Finalizing the Purchase
After knowing the requirements, the buyer must brandish the function she requires, such as;

  1. Child lock
    The nifty little people are prone to burn their hands by putting them inside the microwave ovens. This child lock feature is a bar in the form of a password to keep the naughty children at bay.

So, a household with youngsters must incorporate this safety feature into the microwave oven.

  1. Defrost rack
    In this busy era, not everyone is free enough to cook food at home. Frozen food items are gaining ground. If you are used to consuming frozen food cans, you should go with the defrost rack feature in your would-be microwave oven.

This feature aptly handles in melting the frost and rejuvenating the cuisine with its traditional touch.

  1. Auto cooking
    The list of recipes is never-ending for the gourmet. The prime time cooking shows always throw a new spanner in the kitchen works. However, adjusting the heat and wattage setting according to the food’s weight is also not an easy task for beginners.

To salvage the chef out of the devil and deep blue sea, the auto cook function, after turning on, adjusts the environment and facilitates the cooking process up to the optimal level.

  1. Precise timer
    Whether it be the knob or digital, the timer is the key to adjustment. As moments are vital for fancy cooking and an extra 10-second burn could run down the whole dish while the undercooking is also a whammy.

Timer decides how long the heat treatment would be given. These are the eyes of the oven, and sans these, every cooking attempt would turn out as a fiasco.

  1. Panel
    Choosing the panel is a customized choice; some users are comfortable with the mechanical or tact dial option, while some are comfy with the feather touch technology. However, feather touch technology is the newest one that intelligently senses the finger touch and acts accordingly.

At the same time, the old mechanical way requires intrinsic wriggle and jiggle.

  1. Turntable
    To ensure even cooking, the turntable feature needs to be conjured. This helps in even exposure of heat to the item placed herein. In non-existence, the cooker has to halt the heating process several times to shuffle the food.

This is a recurring hassle. Almost all the new versions have rectangular trays to move back and forth – an equal warmth.

  1. Auto weight
    The auto weight feature informs the user about the right weight of the to-be-cooked item and the heat intensity it requires to finalize the dish. This is a facilitating gillie to make the most of the cooking moments.
  2. Preheating
    Some frozen or specific foods require the preheating warmth to adjust the temperature of the food. This is a nifty feature that resurrects the wholesome goodness of the food with delicacy and somber touch.
  3. Accessories
    A microwave oven is not an isolated gadget to throw in and take out the food. If cooking is an art, then the microwave oven is the canvas. The high-quality ranges come up with gloves, grills, pans, and washing detergent, so on and so forth. Before finalizing the deal, a cursory look into the secondary gratis items would help the long run.

Besides the main features, there are many customized ones too. However, the greater the number of amenities, the hefty would be the pocket-dent. The list of features is spiral and never-ending.

Why Should You Replace the Existing Microwave Oven?
Here are some of the compelling logical reasons which push you gently to go for the updated version;

Keep abreast with the zeitgeist
The kitchen is the facade of your home’s decor, and if an old microwave is still haunting the kitchen shelf, this represents a lousy outlook and against the aesthetic values. The new microwave ovens are stylish, nifty, and refreshing to the bone.

Lower the utility bills
The old technologies are power usurpers while the newer clean green ones are mitigating the utility costs. If your existing oven is a voracious wattage eater, its excellent place is none other than the scrap vendor’s weighing scale.

Safety first and must
Older microwave oven versions might not be equipped with cutting edge safety features like child lock, auto cooking, and burn control. The feeble wiring is also a risk towards the short circuit.

If your existing one portrays the safety lacunae, the loopholes must be filled on a priority basis.

Eating habits might not change, but the recipes do
From Neanderthals’ food scavenger hunt to the chic gastronomy, the difference is not with the substance but with the procedures. To cater to cutting-edge cooking needs, gadgets are required to be at par, which is only possible by the constant change.

The best time and avenue to find the lucky match

The best time is right now! If you are facing food treatment trouble or are pondering over the option of replacing the heating gadget, then do it right away as the belated decision would cost you heavily in terms of time, money, safety, and above all, taste.

Microwave ovens are up to grab in different brick-and-mortar and online spaces. Our panelists recommend authentic online portals such as Amazon. This e-commerce giant does not need detailed elaboration owing to the global functionality and customer base.

Post buying cautions
To keep your oven running for longer times, the following nifty tricks would do the trick. The proper handling would justify the investment.

Always follow the manufacturer’s operating manual.
Use the microwave-safe containers to avoid penetration of the carcinogen ions.
Refrain from superheating.
Routine inspection of leakage and overall fitness is necessary.
Never use if the doors are not properly latched or open.
Oven Buzz –
We hope that this overarching buyer guide must have cleared a sundry of misconceptions and steer towards the right purchasing choices.

What is sauce for the goose is not always the gander’s sauce. The customer must be aware of the requirements, needed features, and the right product at the right place. The blog has aptly covered all such aspects, and our panelists hope that the end goal of this rigorous struggle would be a mouthwatering, perfectly cooked cuisine ready to be served to You.

Best Rated Microwave Ovens
Here we listed 10 best top rated microwave ovens, hopefully you find one that suits to your needs.

  1. Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven

Key Features
Six preset menus — popcorn, pizza, potato, beverage, frozen vegetable, and meals all just a tap away.
Energy-efficient ECO mode — The ECO mode reduces power consumption by up to 50%.
Comfy capacity — 0.9 cubic feet is spacious enough to accommodate the cuisine under the radar.
The oven in consideration is offered by an over-the-top brand Toshiba. Toshiba itself is the name of quality and constant improvement. The ovens offered by Toshiba are durable and qualitative to the core.

Toshiba microwave oven is manufactured in two variants of stainless steel and black stainless steel. At the same time, the 900W output intensity is sweltering for the food. Popular foods like popcorn, potatoes, and pizza are included in a pre-settled environment, and the user does not need to apply the customized options.

Furthermore, the digital LED control panel is bright and accessible to the user with mediocre knowledge of the gadgets. The nifty display also provides a glamorous feel to the oven. Another exciting feature is the inclusion of a turntable glass surface that is 10.6 inches thick. The turntable glass terrain helps in even exposure to the serving meal. The buzzer option can also be slept according to the whims and wishes.

The Eco mode of Toshiba is a power saver and reduces the utility bills up to minimum limits. Besides, the 0.9 cubic feet accommodating option is comfy enough to cater to space requirements.

If you are a brand loyal customer and want to get the best under Toshiba’s aegis, this one is an excellent click.

  1. COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven

Key Features
Child safety lock — Child safety lock prevents accidental burn.
Six auto cook and two defrost settings — Six auto-cook and two defrost settings optimize the usability.
Overall capacity — 0.7 cubic feet capacity is enough to cater to the day to day needs.
Comfee is a countertop oven with a spacious capacity of 0.7 cubic feet. The design of the Comfee microwave oven is chic with a sleek black outlook. The range glitters and improves the kitchen decor manifold.

If you get disturbed by the oven’s loud noise, then the mute option is absolutely for you. Besides, Comfee is a trusted brand in culinary circles. Every passing day, the customer base is increasing due to the provision of high-quality, high-end products at a reasonable price tag.

The one-touch cooking option is available for more than six food items. Simultaneously, the Comfee oven’s counter dimensions are 12.05 x 11.97 x 8.11 inches. Children are prone to burn their hands by accidentally or deliberately putting them into the oven; this risk is mitigated here due to incorporating the child safety lock.

The Comfee microwave oven’s smaller size is the best pick for dorms, vacation homes, motels, or persons with nuclear families.

  1. Farberware Classic 1000-Watt Microwave Oven

Key Features
Digital clock — Green LED display brightens the digital clock and highlights the digital setting.
Express cooking — Meal could be cooked within six minutes thanks to express cooking.
1.1 cubic feet capacity — 1.1 cubic feet capacity is the roomy one.
Farberware is a spacious oven with a roomy capacity of 1.1 liters. This capacity is nifty enough to entertain the domestic as well as commercial demands. The interior is large and easy to clean.

The interior does not have intrinsic nooks and crannies to hide the dirt.

Besides, there is no concomitant fear of burn owing to the child safety lock. Most of the time, we need to consume the defrost items, and Farberware is an excellent option to defrost the food intelligibly. To facilitate the consumers at best, six ready-made cooking options are available.

The digital clock and green display improves the accessibility of the oven. Farberware is nifty to use, and there is no rocket science involved in operating. Express cooking function prepares the food in a clean and green manner. So the food item becomes ready in a short time.

If you are looking for a perfect brand with a basket of features, Farberware is an excellent handy choice.

  1. BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven

Key Features
175 years of innovation — Black & Decker is one of the largest tool brands, with 175 years of experience under the belt.
Turntable — 10-inch thick glass turntable helps in even cooking.
Accommodative capacity — 0.7 cubic feet capacity easily accommodates the regular meals.
Black+Decker kitchen oven is a beautifully designed product. The 0.7 cubic feet capacity is spacious enough to heat the leftover and frozen foods.

The forte of the Black+Decker microwave oven is a stylish black look. The range depicts a high-end look with a somber decorum. There are hardly any designing faults and placement flaws owing to the more than 170 years of experience of Black+Decker.

Moreover, an LED display facilitates the user in selecting the correct option at the right time. Besides, there is no need of halting the cooking process en route to shuffle the sides as the waves give an equal burn thanks to the fitted turntable option.

Express cooking is an additional feature that allows the quick and swift preparation of food in a go. The full hot intensity finalizes the food in as low as six minutes.

The push-button door is installed for easy access. This helps in nifty and placement of the meal inside.

If you are in search of a reputable brand, then do not look around and grab the Black+Decker oven as this is an end product of 150 years of constant research and evaluation.

  1. Galanz Microwave

Key Features
Exquisite color — The Bebop blue color is alluring to the aesthetic taste buds.
360° rotation — 360° rotation bestows evenly cooking.
Vaster base — 0.7 cubic feet capacity is recommended for the quality brands.
The bebop blue color of the Galanz microwave oven is fascinating. This aesthetic feature rejuvenates the kitchen’s mundane environment, and the wilting chef becomes exuberant and fresh. The aesthetic values of Galanz are high, while the design seems to be laid on ergonomic patterns.

The 0.7 cubic feet standard accommodation of the Galanz microwave oven is the right way to cater to the whole day’s eating needs. Furthermore, the retro compact design of the Galanz oven accommodates the hell of things in a narrow space.

The accessibility and usability of the Galanz microwave oven are so simple. The stove is easy to open-and-shut because of the pull handle design. Clock and timer are displayed digitally in a glaring manner.

The fun retro design of Galanz is also popular among youngsters. In one way, it reminds the elders of the nostalgic values while, on the other hand, youngsters enjoy the Galanz’s exquisite style.

Galanz oven is not hefty at all and tips the weighing scale to just 23-circa lbs. If you are a beauty lover and fond of cramping the home with over-the-top nifty items, the Galanz microwave oven is absolutely the best choice for you.

  1. Nostalgia Countertop Microwave Oven

Key Features
Retro accent — Retro accent sleek looks are magnanimous and nifty.
Simple program dial — The simple program dial enhances usability.
Comfortable nestling — 0.9 cubic feet space can nestle the cuisines comfortably.
As evident by the name, the Nostalgia oven is a design wonder on the pattern of older vintage ovens that used to dwell on the kitchen shelves since the age of baby boomers.

This 0.9 cubic feet fat microwave oven is competent enough to justify every type of food, frozen or cooked, leftover, or in bulk.

This 800 watts Nostalgia oven is available in five different colors. All colors are lovely and exciting. Simultaneously, the cooking control of the Nostalgia microwave oven is quite impressive due to the 12 preprogrammed heat settings and express cooking. The cooking is nifty and more comfortable than the literal piece of cake. Rotating the carousel is the icing on the cake. The constant rotation inside the Nostalgia microwave oven helps in even cooking of the staple food.

Besides better usability, accessibility of the Nostalgia microwave oven does not lag. The oven is more comfortable to operate owing to the bright LED panel. Furthermore, the simple program dial navigates the cooking setting.

If you are a vintage lover and maintains a balance between quality and beauty, none could be better than the Nostalgia microwave oven.

  1. GE Appliances Countertop Microwave Oven

Key Features
GE is a finely built countertop microwave oven that bestows a pleasing sensation to every onlooker. The black color is delightful and phenomenal.

Convenient cooking — Cooking becomes ultimate comfy with the help of the GE microwave oven.
Apex aesthetics — The apex aesthetics are pleasing to the eyes of onlookers.
Roomy compartment — 0.7 cubic feet roomy room is spacious enough to cater to the cooking needs.
The usability of the GE microwave oven is bolstered by remote control functioning. The remote control features easy accessibility, and the user operates the oven from a considerable distance.

Besides, the allocated vacuum of 0.7 cubic feet is enough to cater to regular cooking or heating needs. Similarly, the cooking controls are comfy and updated to the 21st century needs. Auto alarming function resists you from doing any fiasco while cooking.

Two significant troubles are being faced by the microwave oven user. The first one is defrosting, and the second one is raw cooking. The magnanimous GE aptly breaks down both bottlenecks. Firstly, the GE microwave oven is incorporated by the quick heating option to defrosting.

At the same time, secondly, the turntables rotate the food evenly before the scintillating heat waves. The end product is always a finely cooked delicacy.

If you are looking for a quality microwave oven in a budgeted price range, the GE might do the trick for you. Last but not least, the GE microwave oven is very much reliable and durable due to the quality material and build.

  1. Kenmore 700 Watts 10 Power Settings Small Countertop Microwave

Key Features
Six preset settings — Six preset settings include; frozen vegetables, pizza, vegetables, popcorn, potatoes, and soup.
LED crystal display — LED display brightens the control setting.
Suitable space — 0.7 cubic feet is a recommended and convenient space for quality ovens.
The best thing about the Kenmore 0.7 cubic feet oven is the ADA compliance. ADA is an overseeing protocol to manage the safety and quality needs of desperate customers. Happily, the Kenmore microwave oven is adorned with all the existing cutting-edge features.

Kenmore microwave oven possesses six programmed testings and two defrost functions. At the same time, a single lockout function keeps the children at bay.

Furthermore, the compact footprint helps the oven in firm placement. There is no minor possibility of being run down by little jerks. Kenmore can easily be confined in the deep nooks and crannies of the kitchen. Moreover, the turntable tray for even cooking is removable; this helps in cleaning the microwave oven.

Forte of the Kenmore microwave oven uses Concave Reflex System or CRS; this innovative technology accumulates the scattered heat waves into one point; hence this way intensifies the express heating process, and the meal always becomes ready before time – prepared to satiate hunger.

This tech support device is available in an affordable price bracket. CRS is a newer phenomenon and quite must nonexistent in contemporary brands, so you want to have rapid action cooking at your home. Do give a chance to Kenmore.

  1. Emerson Griller Microwave Oven

Key Features
Eleven power levels — 11 power levels adjust the heat intensity.
Nine preprogrammed settings — Nine preprogrammed settings are helpful in viable cooking.
Perfect capacity — 0.7 cubic feet capacity is the perfect one.
Emerson microwave oven is up for sale in an impressive accommodation – 1.2 cubic feet. The space is comfortable enough to brown the whole turkey.

The rough and tough Emerson microwave oven is made up of stainless steel, while the power stands at 1100 Watt. Emerson has almost 11 different intensity settings to give heat the touch according to your choice.

The 99 minutes 99 seconds timer is long enough to roast the rocks. Emerson is specifically designed to cater to the challenging cooking demands. The super intense heat traps ambush the meal furiously and make it super hot.

Emerson microwave oven is adorned with various preprogrammed options such as popcorn, potato, vegetable, pizza, meat, chicken, beef, and pork. Other than the mentioned dishes, the user can go for the usable customized settings.

To cover any lacunae, the Emerson microwave oven is also equipped with a turntable feature. The even exposure to the warmth makes the food succinctly pleasing to the taste buds.

The Emerson microwave oven’s quality and performance are outstanding, while the price tag is affordable to the middle-class segment of the global north.

  1. Sharp Electronics Corporation Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

Key Features
Blue LED display — Blue LED display bestows a nifty look and also improves visibility.
Premium stainless steel material — The quality steel material is durable for cooking gadgets.
Full size — Sharp oven is available in full size 2.2 cubic feet capacity.
This world is a fast-changing theatre, and only those who survive are sharp enough to be abreast with the 21st-century challenges. The Sharp microwave oven is one of the sharp ones. This oven is equipped with almost all the contemporary, exciting features.

Nevertheless, the Sharp microwave oven’s forte is 2.2 cubic feet accommodation that is unusually above the 0.7-1.1 cubic feet capacity of normal ranges.

The Sharp microwave oven is blessed with 1200 watts cooking capacity with ten different heat settings. Sharp is not just a spacious mammoth oven but also a smart one; the nifty stainless steel has a glamorous outlook while the blue LED display adds up the charm in the persona of Sharp. The bright digits bring relief in selecting the options.

The cooking of the Sharp microwave oven is precise to the core. Furthermore, this magical oven has a unique feature to melt or soften the butter, cheese, chocolate, and ice cream. Sharp’s XL spacious version is ideal to be used by large families or commercial ventures as the broad trays could easily be nestled into the Sharp microwave oven.

A microwave oven is a must-have item for every household. It is always a good idea to shop for quality microwave ovens because this item cannot be replaced every two months.

For your kind convenience, the ten best microwave ovens have been reviewed. You can go with the one that best suits your budget and kitchen space.