Afternic verifies the registration of each listing

Thank you for submitting your domain name(s) to Afternic for listing. All names submitted to Afternic are run through integrity checks before they are made live for bidding in our extensive domain marketplace.

Afternic verifies the registration of each listing. Unfortunately, we cannot determine proper registration of the following name(s) due to inaccurate data (WHOIS data) associated with their domain name registration:

The domain names above have been removed from your Afternic portfolio due to these WhoIs issues. You may request an appeal for any of the domain names we have removed. Please contact our customer service department at the phone number below.

Thank you for using Afternic,

The Afternic Team

How to solve ? You can do one of this step to solve and fix the problem

# Ensure that your domain still registered ( not deleted )

# Consult with afternic team by email or phone

# Ask your registrar

# Report your registrar if their company give a false information to ICANN