Are you planning the launch of a personal website

Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Site :Are you planning the launch of a personal website? An e-magazine? Maybe you want to create an ecommerce website? Regardless of the nature and the complexity of the project, you’ve probably considered WordPress as your content management platform.

If you’re planning to go for WordPress, you’re not alone. The powerful, popular platform is behind 34.5 percent of all websites out there. It’s also the fastest growing content management system since the start of 2019.

Several characteristics make WordPress so popular. For a start, it’s easy to use. In addition, WordPress is available free of charge. You also benefit from free themes and free plugins that reduce even further the cost of launching your website.

Does this sound too good to be true? Obviously, WordPress misses the mark in a few ways. Examining these shortcomings and looking at them alongside the list of benefits will help you determine whether WordPress is the right platform for your needs.

Do you need a bit of assistance to make up your mind? The Hosting Review team is here to help.

Here are the main reasons why you may want to consider WordPress for your website. We’ll also take a look at some of the disadvantages you need to keep in mind.

Reasons Why WordPress Is a Great Choice for Your Website
Starting on a positive note, here are some of the greatest WordPress benefits:

Reliable and Secure
As already mentioned, WordPress is the most popular content management system on the market. This kind of success cannot be achieved in the absence of a well-developed product. Each month, WordPress users generate 70 million new posts and this content generates 77 million user comments over the same period of time.

In the absence of reliable infrastructure, this volume of data will never be supported. WordPress offers everything required to ensure website uptime, fast loading and accessibility. Thus, it’s the choice of preference for both big and small projects.

Even some big market players use WordPress as their platform. WordPress is the system behind websites like TechCrunch, The New Yorker and even BBC, Bloomberg and the official Star Wars blog!

On top of being reliable, WordPress is also secure. The platform provides regular updates to ensure the elimination of vulnerabilities. There are additional security plugins that make WordPress projects even more impenetrable. Getting a simple SSL certificate and installing that would take safety to yet another level.

Even people who have basic website development knowledge understand the fact that search engine optimization (SEO) is of paramount importance for long-term success. SEO consists of multiple strategies and approaches bound to improve the positioning of the website on the search engine results page (SERP) for keywords of preference.

The hosting and the content management platform play a role in SEO. The same applies to the formatting of the content, the navigation, loading time and design of the website. WordPress provides the tools needed to enhance most of the elements that play a role in website optimization.

Yoast SEO is one example of a free, simple and powerful solution to get better search engine positioning results. There are dozens of other WordPress SEO plugins you can try.

WordPress also handles some of the technical aspects of search engine optimization – sitemap creation, editable permalinks, the automatic addition of metadata if you don’t want to handle it and mobile responsiveness (most of the free WordPress themes are optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing).

Free and Flexible
WordPress is free to use. You only need a domain name and reliable hosting (we can certainly help you find the best options here at Hosting Review!) to get started. Once you’re done with these expenses, you can launch a website for free.

WordPress gives you the content management system, the plugins required to add functionalities and the design themes. Needless to say, there are premium themes and paid plugins but it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to spend money on such tools. Apart from being incredibly affordable, WordPress is also one of the most flexible and scalable content management platforms out there.

You can modify your website in any way you deem appropriate. Do you fancy the addition of a forum? A plugin will enable you to accomplish the goal. Or maybe you want to feature an ecommerce section? That’s another easy task to accomplish.

Suitable for People Who Have No Technical Experience
Have you ever launched your own website in the past? No? That’s not a problem if you’re using WordPress as your content management platform.

WordPress is created to accommodate for the needs of all users. Even if you don’t have any website development and management experience, you can master WordPress in a couple of weeks. Drag and drop functionalities, plugins with simple menus and effortless design customization all ensure a gradual learning curve. You don’t need to deal with coding in order to modify the structure, the appearance or the content of your website.

Very Easy to Customize
Changing the appearance and the functionality of your website is a breeze with WordPress. All you have to do is choose another theme or install a few plugins that will give your visitors the experience they need. If you want to do extensive customization, you may struggle a bit depending on the characteristics of the theme you choose. Still, there are thousands of free templates to choose among and chances are that at least one will come close to what you’re looking for.

WordPress Is a Multi-Lingual Platform
People who aren’t native English speakers can also benefit from WordPress. The content management system is multi-lingual. Currently, WordPress is translated into 169 languages.

There are plugins featuring several language versions. In addition, plugins are also available to create a multi-lingual website effortlessly. It doesn’t matter where you are or what kind of audience you’re attempting to attract. WordPress can help you accomplish the goal.

Reasons Why WordPress May Not be the Best Choice for You
While WordPress is a great choice for many web projects, it misses the mark in a couple of important ways.

No Control Over Plugin Quality
Plugins and themes are created by third parties. Each plugin you install creates security risks, especially if you haven’t checked the quality or the origin of the development. If a plugin crashes or poses a security vulnerability, it may be difficult to get reliable support and a quick fix from the developer. Remember, these entities are not affiliated with WordPress. Security risks can be mitigated by doing your research and choosing WordPress themes and plugins developed by reputable entities.

WordPress Isn’t 100 Percent Secure
While regular updates reduce the risk of hack attacks and other security-related problems, WordPress isn’t 100 percent risk-free. There have been several instances of the platform demonstrating security vulnerabilities. This is especially true for newbies who launch a website without understanding the importance of performing regular updates.

If you fail updating your website for months at a time, you may find out that your project is exposed to risks due to outdated software. In the end of the day, it’s up to you and your website management efforts to ensure the safety of the project and the information you’re sharing online.

People who run online stores and who collect sensitive data from their customers need to be extra-careful about this problem. Regular updates and the installation of the right set of website security plugins will be very important.

It May Not Be the Best Choice for Complex Projects
In the absence of technical knowledge, you may struggle with customization and the creation of a more complex website. Large ecommerce stores, multimedia-heavy websites and online communities could be difficult to manage with WordPress. There are specialized platforms out there that may offer a better solution. In addition, running such websites on WordPress could eliminate one of the biggest advantages – affordability.

To create a complex, highly customized project, you’ll need premium themes, website builders and specialized plugins. When you do the math, you may find out that such upgrades are way too costly. Do your research and compare platforms side by side. That’s the only way to find out whether WordPress is the right choice for the website you want to build.

Final Verdict: To WordPress or Not to WordPress?
The popularity of WordPress is not accidental. Scalability, affordability and tons of customization choices work together to make it the most prominent content management system on the planet.

WordPress has a lot to offer, even if you don’t have the technical experience or the knowledge to launch a highly successful website on your own. At the same time, however, the platform isn’t fault-free.

To know whether WordPress is the right content management system, you should explore its cons and weaknesses. If these aren’t bothersome and they wouldn’t interfere with the quality of your project, you should go ahead and choose WordPress as your platform.

It’s also a good idea to create a free WordPress account, play with the admin panel and get a better feel of how it works. Chances are that you’ll fall in love with the system and its functionalities right from the start. If you don’t feel comfortable, start looking for an alternative. The good news is that the market has many options to offer.

Investor leads are phone surveyed and pre-qualified

Investor leads are phone surveyed and pre-qualified : Investor Leads USA, is providing a great fresh phone surveyed pre-qualified investor leads with a personalized experience which are more than just words… it’s what we do. The staff of Leads and Data Solutions, have decades of experience pre-qualifying solid, phone generated , investor leads. Our agents are scouring the U.S. every day for investors who are receptive to hearing about your investment opportunity. Our custom scripts zero in on investors who meet your criteria and success.

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Fresh U.S. investor leads are exclusive to you for thirty days. We guarantee they will have an interest in talking with you and the name and phone numbers are correct. After the thirty days the leads are then resold. At a minimum, our investor leads provide accurate, current information on the client’s areas of interest, their investment capability, and current information on their occupation. Big percentage are accredited investors.

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What we can do for you?

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Investor List / Data
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Updated quaterly the investor list is also available to acquire investors. They can target by net worth, income, location, investor age and more. Economically priced for your dialing needs.

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Latest Version THOP tv App download for Android/PC/iOS

THOP tv app download: Thoptv is one of the best live tv channel apps on which you can see lots of movies, serials, sports, radios, etc. It contains about 5000+ radio channels and with the help of all these radio channels, you can entertain yourself. If you are looking for the thop tv app download, then you come into the right article.

Because if you have an Android smartphone and you are looking for the thoptv app for android download. Then this article will help you. But if you are an iOS user, PC user and you are looking for thoptv app download for iOS, PC. Then this article will also help you.

Because of this article, you will get the latest version of thoptv free download. The thop TV which I am going to provide you will be for both iOS/iPhone/PC as well as for Android users. So, for downloading this app, you have to read this article from start to bottom.

If you will miss any single word in this article, then you can’t download it directly. And as we all know, there are tons of articles available on Google or the internet about thop tv. Maybe you will not get the exact link to this app, so stay here and read this article in detail to know everything about thapa TV app download in detail.

Also, guys, if you are looking for a thoptv Quora app download for PC or thoptv Quora app download, then this article will also help you. Because it is the best and most popular online TV which provides you the best online TV experience. In this app, you can watch any TV shows like IPL which is free without any cost and the APK version is very awesome.

The Thop TV APK versions are available for Android, iPhone, and Windows and our site also gives you download free links. So, if you are looking for a thoptv apple, then this post about the thoptv live cricket TV streaming app will also help you. Now, read the complete information about how to download the thop app live cricket without giving any money.

About THOP tv apk download
10-15 years back, we only watch anything on our television. At that time we don’t know, in the future technology will change our life. At that time, only a few peoples have television, and children like me go to that house that has a television to watch a movie on Saturday or Sunday. There was only one channel called Doordarshan but now technology has changed us completely.

There are lots of persons who like to watch movies, TV shows, sports channels, Anime streaming, Sony liv, etc. But when they go outside of the home at that time, they just miss all these shows. Don’t worry guys, after the thop apk download, you can solve this type of problem. Because after that, you can watch all your favorite movies, shows, sports channels, etc.

Anywhere but here you have to need either an Android smartphone or an iOS/PC. If you have these platforms, then you can get the benefit from this thoptv latest version APK. Thoptv contains lots of channels on it like Sony Ten 3, Jasmine TV, etc. With the help of all these channels, you can watch your favorite sports, movies, etc. Always keep in mind that, all the things on these channels should be live. That directly means that, if you want to watch a serial then you should have to watch it live.

If you miss it, then you can miss the entertainment. Here in this article, I am going to provide you the thoptv apk new version. This new version of thoptv will 100% work in almost all the platforms like Android smartphone, PC, laptop, Smart TV, iOS, etc. As we know, there are also various movies or web series sites like skymovies HD, 123movies, hdfriday, etc. to watch or download various shows.

But sometimes, you can’t watch any of the things on those sites because of the ban by the Government. That’s the main reason, you have to download this app and with the help of this app, watch everything that you want to watch. It’s like a Showbox alternative and this article will help you to find this app.

Thop TV Apple Specifications
App Name: ThopTV App

Availability: Android, Apple, iOS, PC, and MacBook

Version: 45.2.3

App Size: 8.3 MB

Version Requires: Android 4.0 (KitKat), Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and all Apple Mobile Phones

Developed by: ThopTV Corporation

Category: Free Movies, IPL Live Streaming, and Entertainment

Updated: April 23, 2021

Downloads: 40,000,000+

Download Thop TV for PC

Steps for Thoptv app download for Apple

On Google, you will also see some of the results but f you are looking for thoptv apple or thop tv apple download then must follow the below steps. Because if you will follow all those steps one by one then you will install थोप टीवी एप्पल or thop+tv+apple. So, that’s why I am recommending you follow all the below steps.

Step 1: First of all, You have to visit the Apple app store and at the top of the section you will see a search option.
Step 2: In the Search bar, you also have to search for Thop TV apple and here you will see lots of options of thoptv for apple phone.
Step 3: So, download any one of the thoptv for apple tv and then login yourself and enjoy the free content on it.
Download ThopTV APK from BlueStacks

Steps for Thoptv for iOS free download
There are lots of peoples who are searching for thoptv for iOS, thoptv iOS, and thop app for ios. Maybe you are also one of them who is the same searching for then your wait is over now because here I am providing you some of the steps that will help you to download thop TV for iPhone, so guys follow all those steps that are given below:

Step 1: First of all, you have ON the mobile network and then go to the iPhone app store.
Step 2: After that, search for the thop apk for ios or simply thop tv, then press the enter button of your iPhone keyboard.
Step 3: If any one of the thoptv.apk for iOS is available in the iPhone app store then must click on that option and download that app or APK.
Step 4: This step is very easy and everyone can follow these steps and with the help of this you can also download the thoptv app for iPhone.
Live tv apk android (Thoptv)
live tv apk download
It doesn’t matter where are you from? If you want to watch any live tv APK android, then thoptv is one of the best options for you. As I told you above, it has about 3000+ live TV channels. And all these live TV channels are the most popular channels. These channels are popular in India, Japan, Korea, etc. If you want to watch any channel, then you just have to click on the search button. And after that, write the name of that channel which you want to watch.

After writing the name, now you have to click on the enter button if you are using a PC or a laptop. But if you are a mobile user, then you have to press the search button. After searching, the result should be shown to you. I am 100% sure that, you will get that channel which you want to watch. That’s why this app is one of the best live tv APK.

There are lots of peoples who are searching for thoptv for iPhone, thoptv like app for iOS, thop tv iOS, thop tv for iOS, and simply a thop app. Here in this article, I will clear all their doubts and also provide them this popular app. So read the complete article and clear all your queries related thop tv apple along with thoptv apple.

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Now, let’s understand the overview of this apk from the below table:

Name of APK Thop Tv
Size 12.22 MB
Ratings 4.8
Version 45.2.3
Operating System Android, iOS, Windows
Downloads 437629
Releasing Year 2019
Languages support 11+ more languages support
Supports in Android 4.4+, iPhone, and Windows
Category Live TV & Entertainment
Cost Free
thoptv for ios
Features of this android apk tv (Thop Tv)
If you do thop tv app download then after that you will see lots of features like:

You can watch about 3500+ live TV Channels from across the globe.
It can also provide about 1 lakh+ Movies.
You can also watch LIVE Sports channels without any ads.
If you like to watch Web Series then on top tv, you can also watch your favorite web series.
You can also listen to music while playing 5000+ Radio Stations which is also the best thing.
This app supports lots of platforms like Android Platform Devices like Amazon Firestick, Smart Tv, Android BOX, iOS, MacBook, Windows, etc.
You can watch live TV on high quality but if you want to decrease the quality then you can also do that.
This app will provide you an option to make a complete list of favorite channels.
You can also watch all the episodes of TV Serials and web series.
Simple and easy to use.
User-friendly UI.
You will get this thop tv app download free.
It can provide you 24*7 chat and customer support.
User-friendly and easy to use.
Watch popular movies and TV series.
Download videos for watching later.
Support Smart TV and the Fire TV stick.
3000+ TV channels are available.
Search your favorite movies or TV shows directly through.
Access over 3,000 movies of different genres.
Offers an extensive collection of music channels.
Both online and offline Cartoon live streaming is also available on this app.
Enjoy unlimited online and offline music.
Thousands of international channels are also available on thoptv for ios android.
You will see all the channels according to their categories.
THOP Tv app download free
You can also watch the Live IPL Auction 2021 free on THOPTV. If you want to download this app, then click here:

Downloading Link

For PC, you can play this app with the help of BlueStacks.

First, you can install the BlueStacks on your PC or a laptop.
For downloading BlueStacks, search it on Google and then download it.
After that, you just have to install it and then search the name thop tv and download it.
After that, simply install thop tv and open it and then enjoy it.
This is the best procedure for downloading thop tv app on PC.
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Thoptv version 27 Click here
Thop tv version 24.0 download Click here
Thoptv version 27 download apk Click here
Thoptv v26 apk for pc Click here
Thop tv version 29 Click here
Alternatives of Thop TV
There are various other apps that will provide you 100% entertaining satisfaction. Those apps are also recommended by the Government because thoptv is that app that creates piracy. If your government has banned showing pirated content, then that means you can’t see other apps.

This app also comes under piracy and if you are for the genuine thoptv alternative for iOS and Android. These apps also come under the list of apps like thoptv for ios and Android and here are a few ones. I hope after knowing all those names, you can enjoy any one of the thoptv iOS download alternatives.

1) Amazon Prime Video App
amazon prime video
It is one of the best and most amazing alternative App for both android and thop tv iOS in the world which gives you a lot of TV shows and movies without any Ads. This App provides you lots of award-winning movies, TV shows, and many others which is called full entertainment. Watch your favorite and exclusive Amazon prime video with these varieties like Drama, Thriller, Action, and Romance.

You can watch movies online or if you want to download them, then you can also download those movies. The language available in this app is just Hindi and English. You can also browse a wide catalog of shows along with tons of movies in various languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali. It provides shows based on what you watch before and according to your taste. On the Google Play Store, the amazon prime video app has 4.4 Ratings out of 5.

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2) Disney + Hotstar
disney + hotstar
It is also one of the best and most entertainment Apps for both Android and thoptv iPhone which provides you lots of popular TV shows, Movies, Live Sports, and many others. This App gives you unlimited access to 100,000 Hours of lots of TV shows and movies from India as well as across the world.

The world’s best stories from Disney+ are available along with the various movie buffs and Binge-watchers. Kid’s content is also available on this and is known as the best Live TV & News channel. On the Google Play Store, the Disney + Hotstar app has 4.2 Ratings out of 5.

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Download Hotstar Now

3) Jio TV (Best Alternative of Thop TV App download)
jio tv app
It is also the best full entertainment App and is known as thoptv for iPhone and Android which provides lots of the latest TV shows, movies, live sports, and many others. It is very easy to use and is totally free with lots of features but I show you some main features. This App gives you 100+ HD Channels In 15+ Languages and gets entertained with your choice.

It has the latest TV shows and movies and contains more than 650+ TV channels having various HD channels in 15+ languages. This app is also known as an entertainment hub for yourself that shows free content. On the Google Play Store, it has 4.2 Ratings out of 5.

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4) Airtel TV
airtel TV
It is also the best and most entertaining thop tv app for iOS and Android on this list which provides you 400+ Live channels, 10,000+ Movies, Web series, TV shows, and many others. The App is very easy to use and is totally free. This is the only entertainment App with having so many languages available.

You can create your Watchlist along with multi-device access and you can log in yourself at any time with only one click. If you leave watching then after the opening of the app, you can also continue watching your favorite shows, live TV, web series, and movies. On the Google Play Store and an iPhone app Store, this Airtel TV app has 4.0 Ratings out of 5.

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5) Hulu (Alternative of Thop TV App download)
It is also one of the best Stream App which provides you full entertainment with their various HD channels. This App you use with your Android phone as well as Tab Screen also. The App cannot need any Dongle or cable to start, You just click the “Start”. Hulu tv guide access is available for various channels and you can play videos/movies, music, photos, etc. It does not need an extra dongle or cable and overall it is an awesome app that comes with 4.1 Ratings out of 5.

Other Apps:

Sony Networks
Fox Channel
Hotstar Free Version
Flix TV
FAQ of Thop TV
Q. Is ThopTV free?

Ans. Yes, of course, ThopTV is absolutely free that provides absolutely free content without any charging fees.

Q. Is ThopTV available for iOS?

Ans. Yes, of course, there are about 10 owners who have successfully published their ThopTV app on the IOS app store.

Q. Is it safe to use ThopTV?

Ans. Yes, if you are using ThopTV are going to use this app, then it is 100% safe to use ThopTV.

Q. How do I get ThopTV?

Ans. If you want to get the ThopTV app, then you have to read the complete article in which I have already provided you the steps in the above section of the article.

Thop TV for PC is searching for almost everyone who wants to watch live shows, movies, web series, and various other entertainment options. And I know you are also one of them so now, your wait is over. Because here in this article I am going to provide you how to download thopTV for windows. After that, you can entertain yourself by watching a thopTV PC or on a big screen of your PC or laptop.

Thoptv download for PC is a great thing if you want to watch your favorite drama serial, sports like IPL matches, radio channels, movies, and web series. With the help of thoptv windows and MacBook, you can entertain yourself without giving any cost. All all the contents that are available on thop TV app for PC are 100% free. You don’t have to give anyone rupee to watch your favorite content on Thop TV.

Download the latest version of thop tv for pc free
Thop TV for PC
The free content that is available on this app is from all over the globe. Various high rated movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Pollywood, South Indian, Hindi dubbed movies, WWE shows, web series, and live TV available on this app. If you want to watch movies on Netflix or Amazon prime video but you don’t want to get their paid subscription. Then after downloading the thoptv for windows 10, 8, 7, and MacBook, you can watch all those best movies on Netflix free of cost.

What is Thop TV on PC?
Know the complete information about what is thop tv for PC?
What is Thop TV for PC?
Nowadays, ThopTV is one of the best TV apps or we can say, it is one of the best streaming apps that provides a chance to their users to watch free content and entertain themselves. Due to the growing demand for online watching/streaming, this app got so much popularity with less interval of time. If you have missed any TV shows and you are not able to watch those shows at your home, then this app provides you those shows.

Peoples love to watch their favorite content on thop TV because this app provides you desired quality selection according to your need. Like other apps, you will see there are only 3 or 4 quality selection options. But after the thopTV APK download for PC, you will see more than 7 options. And according to your internet connection or Speed, you can choose that quality option.

This app also provides you another best option that you can watch each content on this app without seeing any advertisements. That means you can watch your favorite content without any buffering and with unlimited content. This should be possible only when you watch anything on windows thoptv_v30_64bit exe. Live TV streaming is also available on this app and you will see that option in the category of Thop TV.

File size 18.9 MB
Category Live TV & Entertainment
Version 45.2.2
Name of App ThopTV For Windows 7, 8, 10 & MacBook
Developed By IPTV
Downloads 20,000,000+
Rating 4.6/5
Features of Thop TV
Various important Features of thop tv for PC
ThopTV app has 5000+ live channels that mean you will see an entertainment hub.
Radio Channels are also the ongoing demand for various uses and thopTV will help you to listen to those radio channels.
Almost every movie that is available on this app has subtitles according to your preferred language.
All the content that is available on this app has HD quality.
If you are looking for thoptv APK for PC, then this app is compatible with windows and MacBook operating systems.
Various sports live streaming available on this app in which you can also stream IPL, Kabaddi league, and so on.
Every content that is available in this has is 100% free.
Contents that are available on Netflix, Amazon prime video, MX player, Hulu, and various other VOD (Video on Demand) content are available on this app.
The interface of this app is very simple and user-friendly.
Watch various sports leagues free of cost.
Currently, IPL 2021 is also streaming here and you will see it in various languages.
Steps to Download thopTV for Windows, Laptop, and PC
So guys if you are looking for a thoptv download for laptop, then this post is all about this. Because most of the peoples have queries like thoptv for laptop and that is why you need thop tv exe. And without exe you can’t use such type of app on your PC and that’s why you need to download thop tv exe, you so stay here and read the complete both in detail.

ThopTV is not directly available on a laptop or PC and here you have to download the thopTV exe file.
But still, various websites provide you the downloading button of this app.
With the help of that downloading button, you can directly thopTV free download for PC.
I have shown you a YouTube video above and in that video, the video owner has provided you the complete information of this app and how you can easily download it on your PC or laptop, so watch the complete video.
In that video, you can see a thoptv PC version and you can download that app according to your operating system.
If you are using the Windows operating system then you simply click to download the Windows version of this app.
But if you want to download the MacBook version of the thopTV app, then you have to simply click on the MacBook version of thopTV.
Download ThopTV App Now
FAQ about Thop TV for PC
Q. How do I download THOP TV to my computer?
Ans. You can download thop TV on your computer with the help of thopTV exe or file.

Q. Is ThopTV a Chinese app?
Ans. No, ThopTV is not a Chinese app because it is an Indian app.

Q. Is ThopTV available for pc?
Ans. Yes, ThopTV is 100% available on PC.

Q. Is ThopTV Harmful for our Computer?
Ans. 100%, not dear. ThopTV will never harm your computer.

So, friends here in this article, I have provided the complete information on how to download thopTV for Windows 10, 8, 7, and MacBook. If you are facing any type of problem then put that problem in the comment section. As soon as possible I will provide the solution to that problem and also share it with others.


Tips For Successful Parenting 2021

It’s not the childs fault; Believe it or not, poor parenting is the main cause of bad behaviour in children.

Kids can be frustrating, annoying and down right infuriating at times and yet you’re still expected to love and care for the little ‘angels’ through thick and thin.

They won’t admit it as often parents don’t know any different, but often the problem is due to poor parenting which manifests itself in bad behaviour in the child. This in turn has a negative affect on the home and work life of everyone in the household as strife and conflict dominates the family.

Anne Sprigpitt, owner of says, “Most parents don’t realise it, but their actions have a direct influence on the behaviour of their child whether they are a toddler or a teen. Almost everything a child learns in the first few years of its life is from their parents and it is all stored in the child’s memory for a later date.”

“The biggest problems are due to a lack of discipline, boundaries and standards, and most importantly a lack of affection and display of their love for the child. However, these can easily be resolved by applying simple parenting principles and strategies which can have an immediate and dramatic impact on the behaviour of the child.”

“In many cases, children who are repeatedly violent and disruptive in school are found to have deeply rooted problems at home, caused by bad parenting. Once this is realised and acknowledged a number of techniques can be implemented and significant improvements are often found in the child’s behaviour in a matter of a few weeks or even days.”

Parenting is not easy, but it is not hard either, provided you establish a loving two way relationship with the child, set boundaries and discipline the child appropriately when necessary.

Top Best Corona Check Karne Wala Apps 2021

Top Best Corona Check Karne Wala Apps :

There are lots of the best corona check karne wala apps and if you are looking for all those apps. Then you come into the right article because here in this article, I will clear your doubts about corona check karne wala apps dikhaiye.

As we all know the coronavirus is spreading all over the world. The government has also taken lots of precautions to stop this virus but still, it’s moving faster than we think. Indian Government has also taken various steps and had already launched its own coronavirus app.

But still, if you don’t know about all those coronavirus apps, then don’t worry. This article is only for you guys who want to take precautions first. Because if you have the complete information about this virus.

Then you can also take care of your community as well. But if you don’t have knowledge about this virus, then tell me guys, how you can protect yourself, your family, your community. So, that’s why all these corona check karne wala apps chahie on your mobile phone.

What are Corona Check Karne Wala apps?
Basically, these apps are those apps that will tell you the complete details of the spreading of coronavirus. With the help of all these apps, you can also track the cases of your nearby locations. The working of all these apps is just similar to the working of the best police scanner app.

On the Google Play Store, there are lots of apps are available but nowhere in this article, I will only provide you those apps that are officially announced by the Government of India. Here in this article, I am going to provide you all those coronavirus apps one by one.

Corona Check Karne Wala Apps Kaun Sa Hai
S. No. Name of App Ratings
1) Arogya Setu 4.6/5
2) Ayush Sanjivani 4.4/5
3) RajCovidInfo 4.4/5
4) WHO Info 4.4/5
5) Kavach 4.3/5
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Corona check karne wala apps
1) Aarogya Setu

Arogya Setu App is one of the best advanced cross-platform mobile applications that tracking COVID-19. This Application is very useful in finding Covid-19 patients and developed by the National informative center. The initial release date of this Application is 2 April 2020 and is available in 12 languages.

It helps to connect health services and is known as our combined fight against COVID-19. It is a mobile application developed by the Government of India. Best and useful Mobile application.

Features: Let us know the important features of Arogya Setu App.

Compulsory for Air, Train, Travel, and many more.
India’s Contact tracking Application To connect essential health services.
Big functions.
4.6 Ratings out of 5.
Fully Legal mobile application.
100 Million + Downloads.
Also, know the best ad blocker app for Android.
Download Now “Arogya Setu.”

2) Ayush Sanjivani
Ayush Sanjivani
Image Credit to Google Play Store
Ayush Sanjivani is also one of the best and advanced mobile applications made by the ministry of Ayush and MEITY. This Application helps to generate data on Ayush I,e (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Sowarigpa, and Homoeopathy).

The Application is based on definite medical philosophies and a way of healthy living on the prevention of diseases and promotion of health.

Features: There are the various features of Ayush sanjivani app:

It targets to reach out to 50 lakh people in the country.
Generate data on usage of AYUSH.
Its impact on the prevention of Covid-19.
4.4 Ratings out of 5.
Also, download thop tv app for iOS and Android.
Download Now “Ayush Sanjivani.”

3) RajCovidInfo

RajCovidInfo is also a Mobile application that helps to scan and donate using any UPI App. This Application develops by the Government of Rajasthan And health Advisory and is totally free Application. Application is related to the Aarogya setu, E-Bazaar, etc.

Features: Let us know the important features of RajCovidInfo:

A citizen-centric app.
To provide its users with Covid-19 government guidelines.
App also provides Rajasthan-specific statistics of the Covid-19 pandemic.
4.3 Ratings out of 5.
Also, download Kingo Root APK.
Download Now “RajCovidInfo.”

4) WHO Info
WHO Info
If you want to know corona check karne wala apps ka kya Naam hai, then the name of that app is WHO Info. With the help of this app, you don’t only track the data of coronavirus in India but all over the globe.

Features: Let us know the important features of the WHO Info App.

The official app of WHO.
It provides complete information about Coronavirus from all over the world.
100k + Downloads.
Best Recommended app.
Also, Download the Sony LIV app for PC.
Download Now “WHO Info.”

5) Kavach (Best Corona check karne wala apps)

Corona Kavach is also one of the best corona check karne wala apps downloading hai. Watch that video first and know, everything about this app from Technical Guruji.

Features: Following are the various features of the Kavach app are:

It provides real-time COVID-19 cases.
Also, provided the complete symptoms of coronavirus.
It gives information about nearby hospitals in Chattisgarh.
FAQ sections are also available.
Download Now “Kavach app.”

So friends in this article, I told you the complete information on the best corona check karne wala apps download. And if you have any type of query, then just put your query in the Comment Section.

Additional : Coronavirus App Live Global, Countries Results Shown

Coronavirus App: It is a serious virus that is fastly transferred from one country to another country. Basically, it starts in China and now, moved to almost all other countries.

This virus is also called COVID-19. Still, there is not any single medicine, an antibiotic is made to cure this virus. WHO (World Health Organization) is still hard working with lots of other agencies to get rid of this virus.

This Application helps you to connect health services with the people of India to fight COVID-19 and is available on only mobile devices.

But still don’t find anything. There also lots of coronavirus apple valley, coronavirus apps that are providing you the best results. So, if you are looking for the best coronavirus app download, then you come to the right article.

Here in this article, I am going to providing you that a 100% genuine app that provides you live and real Results. It is designed specifically for such a virus and also the best third-party app.Best Coronavirus App Download
Lots of celebrities, NBA players, football players, leaders, boxing players, etc. come positive. Now the list is going on but the question that arises is that, are you taking safety?

There are lots of symptoms of coronavirus like:

Running nose
Not breathing well
Not getting proper sleep
Pain on eyes
Pneumonia etc.
If you are facing all these symptoms, then don’t sit in a home. Just go to the hospital, and check with the doctors.

Because if you cure it in an early time, then you will not face any serious issue in your life. Recently, Canada’s leader wife is also detected by this virus.

Today, Google’s employee in Bangalore, India is also detected positive. So, always put the mask on your face and prevent yourself from this serious virus.

Coronavirus app download
About Coronavirus App
This app provides you with various options. On the home screen, you will see the complete map of the World.

You can also see the complete live results of the number of infected peoples, dead peoples, currently recovered peoples from this virus, stick on this virus, fatality rate, and recovery rate.

Below the home screen, you will also see the graph of total affected cases, and below, you will also the graph of new cases. All these results are shown on this graph are 100% genuine and real.

You can also the three-dot option and if you click on that, you will see lots of options like

1) Map
This is the live result which I have already told you in the above. If you want to see the total number of infected cases, then you can see that in that option.

2) Countries
If you want to check up the complete list of infected persons by country, then this is the best option for you. And if you want to check your country, then guys, you can also check this because here, you will see all the list of countries.

3) Global
This option is similar to the home screen option but if you want to search for any particular region, then you can only type it on the search box.

4) API
It is that option if you want to see the full details of everything like every area, every place, etc. But this option is a paid option but if you are a professional who wants to know everything, then pay some money and know everything in detail.

5) Stay Updated
If you want to install this app, then you can also click on this app. You can also set push notifications ON if you want to get any information about this app.

6) Credits and Resources
This option is also the best option in which you will see the credits and resource of this app.

7) Add Region
If your region is not in there, then with the help of this option, you can add your region and then see cases on that area.

Coronavirus app
Download this App

If you want to visit this app, then click here.

So, friends, I told you everything about the coronavirus app. You can also put your favorite app in the comment section, and if you are facing any problems.Then, you can ask your query as soon as possible in the comment section. Also share this article on your social media.

University of Phoenix Online International

What impact would a U.S. Degree have on your career? Attracted to the reach and respect of a US degree, thousands of working professionals – from over 130 countries – just like you are realizing their academic goals through University of Phoenix Online, the largest private university in the United States, without ever leaving their homes, their jobs or their families.

Founded in 1989, our Online campus is one of the oldest in the industry to offer internationally established degrees based on the same, US curriculum used for over 30 years on our ground campuses throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Netherlands.

University of Phoenix offers over 50 degree programs in the fields of Business, Technology, Healthcare, Education and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Each program is:

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All you need is a computer, a phone connection, and an Internet Service Provider.

With easy-to-use Internet access software, you’ll retrieve lectures, questions and assignments from your instructor then review them off-line. You’ll have access to a full range of online research libraries and services. You’ll also interact with other successful professionals; sharing ideas, debating issues, and learning from their experience.

Challenging & Rewarding:
It will challenge your ability to quickly assimilate new ideas, evaluate complex data, think creatively, and communicate effectively. But it will be rewarding. Year after year, in post-graduation surveys, an overwhelming majority of our alumni, in fact 95% express a high level of satisfaction with their University of Phoenix education and its impact on their career.

User-friendly. 100% online using simple technology (Microsoft Outlook), including all administration, registration, book buying and access to the world’s best online research library.
Flexible. Attend class at times and places that fit your schedule.
Straightforward to start. No GRE or GMAT entrance exams required. Professional training and previous education can be used to fulfill some credit requirements and a free Foreign Transcript Evaluation is available.
Employer-financed. University of Phoenix Online education qualifies for most employer reimbursement plans. Special financial consideration given to international students (only include this last sentence if keeping the 20%).

Earn your degree from an accredited institution of higher education. The accreditation process plays an important role in ensuring the value of your education. Our degree programs have been evaluated by a governing authority as meeting the necessary requirements of a higher education.

One of the world’s leading accredited online universities. It is difficult to find an online university that offers a more comprehensive course selection and choice of business degree programs than University of Phoenix Online. We take our leadership role very seriously and we are committed to maintaining the rigorous academic standards that ensure our full value as an institution of higher learning.

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*The Higher Learning Commission
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Number 1 Key to Good Parenting

The numbers are chilling. Teen suicide and homicide rates have tripled from twenty years ago. There is a 50% increase in childhood obesity. Teenage pregnancy rates are the highest for any Western society. SAT scores have plummeted. 15-20% of kids are flunking kindergarten. Millions of children are medicated to be more “manageable” at home and school. One of the ongoing tragedies in our culture is that these problems are occurring in our most precious national resource, our children. Can these stats be turned around? Yes, and much of it can be prevented.

Here are the 5 basic prevention factors in raising good kids: good parenting, physical nourishment, love, guidance and environmental benefits. Simple Simon right? It sounds easy, yet Dr. Michael Dana, life coach and an expert in juvenile affairs for the Federal government states, “The mission of good parenting is the fostering of children in a manner that allows them to grow up to be normal, productive and law-abiding adults who have successfully realized their God-given potential.” So what does that mean to you and I as parents?

Here’s Dr. Dana’s Number 1 Key:

Effective parenting starts with being involved in your children’s lives.
In our busyness, we are often distracted and not really “with” our children. Giving children quantity and quality time, in today’s world is hard! Parents who are striving to spend more time with their children are learning to be creative. Barb, a busy mom of 2 girls, works part time so she can be home when her girls come home from school. ”I want to make the most of every moment I spend with Kimmy and Carleigh. Even the time we spend in the car running errands can be productive; we play word games, work on spelling, or play audio books on CD. My girls know I’m interested in their school work and learning is more fun when we do it together.”

Dr. Dana, dad of three, emphasizes: some Be-Attitudes for Parents:

Be aware.

Be a listener.

Be good at helping your children express their feelings.

Be engaged.

Participate in your child’s activities and interests. This can be done in a variety of ways – by talking about family history, allowing them to have free time to play and explore, through reading good classical and faith-based literature, establishing family traditions, and by sharing your own life experiences.

There is an urgent need for families to lessen their hurried lifestyles and become a haven, one that is nurturing for both children and adults. Dr. David Elkind’s advice, in his landmark book, “The Hurried Child” written more than”can you believe it– 20 years ago, seems to have gone unheeded. “The pressure to grow up fast, to achieve early is a driving force in middle-class America. There is no room today for the “late bloomer”… Children have to achieve success early or they are regarded as losers.” Many parents push their kids to be involved in activities because they feel peer group pressure to make their children as competent as the neighbor’s kids. This not only robs hurried children of a childhood, but also robs them of the most important gift a parent can give – their undivided time and attention.

Family mealtimes, traditionally an occasion of family bonding, has seen a decline in modern times. Working mothers, who customarily carry the weight of this responsibility, often find it difficult to make regular home-cooked meals a reality. Bill and Nancy, both working parents, felt increasingly scattered and distant from their teenaged boys. They determined to prioritize their time as a family. Nancy finally came up with a solution – she marshaled the family to help on the weekend with cooking meals for the week. “This made all the difference in the world; we realized that our boys only had a few years left at home and we were missing it. Not only did the extra planning and time pay off in helping my boys learn their way around the kitchen, we experienced a lot more communication and connecting as a family.”

Parents as a group, are the least prepared to tackle the most challenging, and yet rewarding job of raising children. Think how much time and expense is spent learning a profession. Dr. Dana offers this advice, “No parent is perfect, but those parents who truly want the best for their children should always be vigilant to get support and education.” So follow Dr. Dana’s number 1 key to preventing problem kids and get involved before someone else requires you to get involved. .

Namebio domain sales

Namebio domain sales data, GoDaddy had the top four sales yesterday led by which sold for $37,500. NameBio recorded 390 sales $100+ for a total of $285,298 with an average sale price of $732. Compared to the previous day there was a decrease of 9% in the number of sales and the total dollar amount decreased by 7%. We also recorded an additional 1,826 sales below $100 for a total of $30,889.

The domain sold for $896 at GoDaddy for an increase of 266%.
It last sold for $245 on May 9th, 2016 at NameJet.

The domain sold for $2,000 at GoDaddy for an increase of 181%.
It last sold for $711 on March 29th, 2013 at NameJet.

Namebio domain sales data

The domain sold for $6,600 at Flippa for a decrease of 56%.
It last sold for $15,000 on February 11th, 2020 at GoDaddy.

The domain sold for $1,300 at DropCatch for a decrease of 58%.
It last sold for $3,102 on January 27th, 2010 at Sedo.

The domain sold for $1,500 at Flippa for a decrease of 71%.
It last sold for $5,200 on February 5th, 2018 at GoDaddy.

The domain sold for $16,750 at GoDaddy for a decrease of 74%.
It last sold for $65,500 on April 29th, 2020 at GoDaddy.

The domain sold for $1,150 at NameJet for a decrease of 77%.
It last sold for $5,010 on January 14th, 2019 at Sedo.

Another namebio domain sales data from $37,500 GoDaddy $18,250 GoDaddy $16,750 GoDaddy $10,250 GoDaddy $6,600 Flippa $6,500 NameJet $6,255 GoDaddy $5,033 GoDaddy $5,000 $5,000 Sedo $4,999 Sedo $4,288 BuyDomains $3,592 $3,500 Sedo $2,888 BuyDomains $2,882 GoDaddy $2,788 BuyDomains $2,602 NameJet $2,588 BuyDomains $2,588 BuyDomains $2,150 NameJet $2,000 GoDaddy $1,975 GoDaddy $1,888 BuyDomains $1,814 GoDaddy $1,800 GoDaddy $1,740 NameJet $1,605 BuyDomains $1,600 GoDaddy $1,535 GoDaddy $1,500 Flippa $1,488 BuyDomains $1,375 GoDaddy $1,300 DropCatch $1,300 BuyDomains $1,288 BuyDomains $1,258 NameJet $1,217 NameJet $1,200 BuyDomains $1,170 NameJet $1,150 NameJet $1,088 BuyDomains $1,086 GoDaddy $1,076 GoDaddy $1,051 NameJet $1,025 GoDaddy $1,024 NameJet $1,011 GoDaddy $999 DropCatch $960 GoDaddy $905 DropCatch $899 GoDaddy $898 GoDaddy $896 GoDaddy $895 GoDaddy $882 NameJet $881 GoDaddy $880 GoDaddy $850 DropCatch $850 DropCatch $810 GoDaddy $809 NameJet $760 GoDaddy $725 GoDaddy $725 NameJet $717 GoDaddy $705 DropCatch $702 DropCatch $700 GoDaddy $681 GoDaddy $678 GoDaddy $630 GoDaddy $600 GoDaddy $598 NameJet $590 GoDaddy $582 GoDaddy $573 GoDaddy $567 GoDaddy $565 GoDaddy $556 GoDaddy $550 GoDaddy $550 NameJet $547 GoDaddy $519 GoDaddy $512 DropCatch $510 GoDaddy $510 GoDaddy $510 GoDaddy $510 GoDaddy $507 $500 Flippa $499 $490 DropCatch $490 DropCatch $481 GoDaddy $480 NameJet $478 DropCatch $476 NameJet $470 GoDaddy $466 GoDaddy $461 GoDaddy $455 GoDaddy $453 GoDaddy $452 NameJet $452 GoDaddy $449 GoDaddy $448 GoDaddy $443 GoDaddy $434 GoDaddy $433 NameJet $425 NameJet $424 DropCatch $419 DropCatch $416 GoDaddy $412 GoDaddy $410 GoDaddy $410 DropCatch $406 DropCatch $405 GoDaddy $405 GoDaddy $405 GoDaddy $404 GoDaddy $396 GoDaddy $395 DropCatch $392 GoDaddy $392 GoDaddy $389 GoDaddy $377 GoDaddy $370 DropCatch $365 GoDaddy $364 GoDaddy $360 GoDaddy $360 DropCatch $358 NameJet $355 GoDaddy $355 GoDaddy $355 GoDaddy $355 GoDaddy $351 GoDaddy $351 GoDaddy $350 GoDaddy $350 NameJet $348 NameJet $343 GoDaddy $338 GoDaddy $338 GoDaddy $335 GoDaddy $334 GoDaddy $326 GoDaddy $320 GoDaddy $320 DropCatch $314 GoDaddy $314 GoDaddy $314 GoDaddy $311 GoDaddy $309 NameJet $305 GoDaddy $305 DropCatch $304 GoDaddy $304 GoDaddy $304 GoDaddy $304 GoDaddy $302 DropCatch $300 GoDaddy $299 GoDaddy $295 GoDaddy $295 GoDaddy $294 GoDaddy $290 GoDaddy $288 DropCatch $285 GoDaddy $285 DropCatch $285 DropCatch $280 DropCatch $280 GoDaddy $280 GoDaddy $270 GoDaddy $265 GoDaddy $264 GoDaddy $264 GoDaddy $262 GoDaddy $262 GoDaddy $260 GoDaddy $260 GoDaddy $256 GoDaddy $255 GoDaddy $255 GoDaddy $255 GoDaddy $255 GoDaddy $250 GoDaddy $250 GoDaddy $249 NameJet $245 GoDaddy $245 GoDaddy $244 DropCatch $237 GoDaddy $234 GoDaddy $234 GoDaddy $234 GoDaddy $231 DropCatch $230 GoDaddy $230 GoDaddy $227 $227 GoDaddy $226 GoDaddy $224 DropCatch $222 $220 DropCatch $220 GoDaddy $217 Register.TO $215 GoDaddy $215 $214 GoDaddy $214 GoDaddy $213 GoDaddy $210 NameJet $209 NameJet $206 GoDaddy $205 $205 GoDaddy $205 GoDaddy $204 GoDaddy $204 $203 GoDaddy $202 DropCatch $202 GoDaddy $202 GoDaddy $200 GoDaddy $200 GoDaddy $200 GoDaddy $200 GoDaddy $199 NameJet $197 GoDaddy $195 GoDaddy $195 GoDaddy $194 $193 GoDaddy $193 GoDaddy $193 GoDaddy $192 $191 NameJet $190 GoDaddy $190 NameJet $189 GoDaddy $188 DropCatch $187 GoDaddy $185 GoDaddy $185 GoDaddy $185 GoDaddy $185 $185 GoDaddy $183 GoDaddy $182 GoDaddy $182 GoDaddy $180 DropCatch $177 GoDaddy $176 GoDaddy $175 GoDaddy $174 GoDaddy $174 GoDaddy $174 GoDaddy $174 DropCatch $173 GoDaddy $172 DropCatch $172 GoDaddy $171 GoDaddy $170 GoDaddy $170 GoDaddy $170 GoDaddy $170 DropCatch $170 GoDaddy $165 DropCatch $165 DropCatch
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Namebio domain sales data Namebio domain sales data

Namebio domain sales data Namebio domain sales data

Parenting Styles : Overcoming Your Differences

If you spend any time in the parenting section of the library or your local bookstore, you will find hundreds of books on disciplining and raising your children. All the leading experts have their own ideas about what works and what doesn’t. As a parent, you have your philosophy that you bring to the table. Most of your thoughts come from what you learned as a child. You either liked the way your parents raised you, agreed with some of it and disagreed with the rest, or didn’t like any part of your parents’ ideas. Then you talk to or watch other mothers you know and these ideas get added to the mix. You take the best from all these sources and you set off to be the best mom you can be.
And then something happens that interrupts your plan for raising your children. Dad has a whole other set of ideas and plans for raising his children. Most of the time, dad’s ideas have not come from the many books on parenting he reads or the oodles of fathers he brainstorms with. His ideas, too, come from the way in which he was raised as a boy, but sometimes Dad operates on auto pilot when raising and disciplining his kids. Even the best and most agreeable parents sometimes disagree. So what do you do when your two philosophies clash?

1.Talk it out when the children are not around.
You’re in the middle of dinner, and the children are refusing to eat. They are crabby and testing your every nerve. Dad can see that you are stressed so he decides to take matters into his own hands. He yells with his loud, booming voice, “Eat your food right now or you will go straight to bed.” The kids start crying. You are even angrier now because you can’t stand yelling. You feel it is an ineffective way to discipline the children, and you believe it scares them. Wait until the children go to bed and have a talk with your husband. Explain to him exactly how you feel about yelling. Listen to his side of the story and why he chose to do what he did. Do your very best to understand him and acknowledge his feelings. Then decide together what would work better for everyone in the future.

2.Decide how important an issue is to you.
My friend’s husband takes his little girl to swimming lessons every Saturday morning. After swimming, the little girl is starving. Dad’s way of ending their fun time together in the pool is to let his daughter pick something to eat from the vending machine. My friend does not want her daughter associating fun time with Dad and junk food. She believes they should come home so her daughter can eat something healthy. Sometimes each parent needs to decide how important an issue really is to them. If Dad rates his need to buy his daughter a junk food treat after swimming at an 8, and Mom rates her need for her daughter to eat healthy at a 6, then Dad wins. You learn to give in on issues that aren’t extremely important to you.

3.Understand that differences can be good.
Believe it or not, children can benefit from differences in our parenting styles. As long as children are being loved and treated with respect and fairness, it can be good for children to learn to adapt to different childrearing approaches. No two people in this world are exactly alike.

Some parents are very flexible and some are quite structured. Some parents are playful and others are more serious. There are quiet and mild-mannered parents and loud and boisterous parents as well. Step back and appreciate your differences. Children who are exposed to diversity have a tendency to be better rounded and adaptable.

4.Combine your viewpoints and get on the same page.
The single most important thing you can do for your children and for your marriage is to get on the same page when raising and disciplining your children. Being on the same page does not mean you necessarily agree on everything. It means you support one another as parents. If Mom says there are no privileges until homework is done, the rules are the same with Dad. If Dad says curfew is at 11:30 PM, then Mom enforces this curfew. Take the time to work through your differences and put together a plan that both of you can be happy with. Decide what the house rules are going to be and how the children will be disciplined when the rules are broken. Then stick together and provide a united front for the benefit of your children.

How to buy sell NFT NFTs Art Collectibles Items

How to buy sell NFT NFTs Art Collectibles Items on marketplace ?

The NFT market is exploding right now, as early adopters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts try to cash in on the trend. Recently, Mike Winkelmann, a digital artist from South Carolina who goes by the name Beeple, sold “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” a tokenized collection of his art, at an online auction at Christie’s for more than $69 million.

NFTs representing other pieces of internet art — like an illustration of Homer Simpson as Pepe the Frog — have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece. NBA Top Shot, a partnership between the N.B.A. and the blockchain company Dapper Labs that turns basketball highlight videos into unique cryptocollectibles, has $230 million in sales since 2019.

Even well-known musical acts like Kings of Leon are getting in on the NFT action, selling millions of dollars’ worth of music in the form of digital tokens.As I watched these riches change hands, I thought to myself: Why should celebrities, athletes and artists have all the fun? Why can’t a journalist join the NFT party, too?

So I decided to turn this column into an NFT and sell it on the open market. Whatever I make from it will go to The New York Times’s Neediest Cases Fund, a 110-year-old effort started by the former Times publisher Adolph S. Ochs that supports charitable causes in New York and beyond.

(Administrative note: Since the Neediest Cases Fund doesn’t accept direct cryptocurrency transfers, I’ll have to convert the proceeds to dollars first, meaning that this is not a tax-deductible gift for the buyer.)The first step in making my own NFT was setting up a digital “wallet” that would be used to hold my token, as well as any cryptocurrency I made from selling it. I used a browser extension called MetaMask and set up an empty wallet for Ethereum, the cryptocurrency network of choice for NFT collectors.

Then I had to find a place to hold the auction. I chose an NFT marketplace called Foundation, which hosted the sale of the famous “Nyan Cat” graphic this year for nearly $600,000.

Once I joined Foundation and linked my account to my Ethereum wallet, I had to upload an image of my column to a decentralized storage service called InterPlanetary File System, or IPFS. I then had to mint a token mapped to that file — essentially, generating a unique cryptographic signature that would live on the Ethereum blockchain, marking the file I uploaded as the real one.

Foundation makes minting an NFT easy, but adding it to the Ethereum blockchain can be expensive. It requires paying a “gas fee” — a kind of congestion tax that is based on how busy the network is — and listing my token required two transactions: one to mint the token and another to generate the code that runs the auction. These days, gas fees to create a single NFT can exceed $100, although many are closer to $50.

The next step was to list my new NFT for sale. I set the minimum acceptable price of the auction at 0.5 Ether, or about $850 at today’s exchange rate. The auction will run for 24 hours after the reserve price is met, though more time gets added if people bid in the last 15 minutes. After a winner is named, the token will be automatically transferred to that person’s Ethereum wallet. I will transfer the proceeds to the Neediest Cases Fund (minus the 15 percent cut that Foundation takes and any costs associated with the donation).

In addition to selling the token, many NFT sellers add perks. Kings of Leon, for example, are sending a limited-edition vinyl album to people who buy their NFTs, and giving buyers of a special “golden ticket” NFT free concert tickets for life.I don’t have concert tickets to offer, but I did want to sweeten the deal. So here’s what you’ll get if you win this NFT auction:

As with all NFT sales, you’ll get the token itself — a unique digital collectible that corresponds to an image of this column in PNG format. (Our lawyers want me to note that the NFT does not include the copyright to the article or any reproduction or syndication rights.)

You’ll also be featured in a follow-up article about the sale, along with your name, your affiliation and a family-friendly image of your choice. (NFT sales don’t require identifying yourself by anything other than your Ethereum address, so you can stay anonymous if you’d prefer. Also, my bosses want me to note that The Times retains editorial control over the follow-up column, and reserves the right to decline submissions that don’t meet our editorial standards.)

And as a bonus perk, Michael Barbaro, the host of “The Daily,” will send you a short, personalized voice memo congratulating you on your purchase.

The biggest perk of all, of course, is owning a piece of history. This is the first article in the almost 170-year history of The Times to be distributed as an NFT, and if this technology proves to be as transformational as its fans predict, owning it might be tantamount to owning NBC’s first TV broadcast or AOL’s first email address.

Of course, that’s far from a guarantee. NFTs could turn out to be a passing fad that is feeding a speculative bubble — the digital equivalent of Beanie Babies — and your investment could turn out to be worthless.

But if they stick around, NFTs could transform the way digital goods are created, consumed and traded online. Some news organizations, including Quartz and The Associated Press, have already experimented with selling NFTs, and YouTubers and other online influencers have begun creating their own lines of cryptomerchandise.

Some of the NFT buzz is shallow hype, no doubt. The cryptocurrency world is full of scammers and get-rich-quick hustlers whose projects often end in failure. (Remember the initial coin offering boom?) And critics point out that NFTs and other cryptocurrency-related projects require enormous amounts of energy and computing power, making them a growing environmental hazard. There are also legitimate questions about what, exactly, NFT buyers are getting for their money, and whether these tokens will turn into broken links if the marketplaces and hosting services that store the underlying files disappear.

But there’s something real here that is worth taking seriously. For decades, artists, musicians and other creators have struggled with the fact that, on the internet, making copies of any digital artifact is trivially easy. Scarcity — the quality that gives offline art its value — was hard to replicate online, because anyone who downloaded a file could copy and paste it an infinite number of times, with no loss in quality.

Blockchain technology changed that by making it possible to stamp digital goods with a cryptographic marker of authenticity and keep a permanent record of its ownership. You can copy the file contained in an NFT all you want, but you can’t fake the digital signature behind it, which gives collectors of rare digital goods some peace of mind. And NFT fans think the technology could be used to keep track of all kinds of goods in the future — titles to houses and cars, business contracts and wills.

Creators can even attach a royalty agreement to their NFTs, entitling them to a cut of the profits every time their assets are resold. (I tried to make this NFT royalty-free, but wasn’t able to change Foundation’s built-in 10 percent royalty on secondary sales, so I’ll be donating any future royalties to the Neediest Cases Fund as well.)

It’s easy to be skeptical of NFTs. But I’m cautiously optimistic about them, for the simple reason that they represent a new way for creative people to eke out a living on the internet.

For years, traditional media companies have resisted new, internet-based distribution strategies because they viewed them — often correctly — as a threat to their business models. Most things on the internet were free, and things that weren’t free could be easily pirated or copied.

If you wanted to get paid for your creations, your best options were to create a paywall, hire an army of lawyers to enforce your copyright or put yourself at the mercy of a licensing service or a huge social media network, which might share some of its advertising revenue with you, if you were lucky or exceptionally good.

Digital subscriptions are one way for creators to take back control of their own destinies. NFTs could be another. By making it possible for artists and musicians — and, yes, journalists — to turn individual works into one-of-a-kind digital collectible items, NFT marketplace could erode the economic dominance of social media middlemen and give more power back to the people who are producing creative and interesting things.