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Best and Network Monitoring Software: Network Monitoring is the process of monitoring routers, servers, and network switches which are crucial components of any network. The top software can take up all the essential information from a network and helps in regulating the same in a controlled manner.

You can categorize networking as performance monitoring, fault monitoring, as well as account monitoring. The top networks monitoring softwares for Windows 10 is crucial for checking various applications and email servers to monitor a network.

You should have a proactive, top network monitoring software as it can access critical issues with your network at the early stage and reduce downtime. Almost each and every company monitor their network and there are lots of companies who monitor as an offline mode. But there are also lots of big brands who monitor their network with the help of network monitoring tools for Windows.

List of Best Network Monitoring Software for Windows 10
In the market, there are lots of free open source network monitoring tools for Windows. And choosing the best network monitoring software for windows 10 is not an easy task. But as we all know, on exotictechnews, we do research according to the customer reviews and ratings.

You know what we found while researching, if an organization has a good budget, then there are tons of best software that will give awesome features. But if you have a tight budget, then there are still lots of good software that will have great features. And there are also lots of free software that will help you to monitor the network.

Here are the top network monitoring software for windows 10:

1) ManageEngine OpManager
ManageEngine Opmanager
ManageEngine OpManager is excellent for network monitoring and analysis. It is useful in managing your network, servers, and network configuration. You can also use ManageEngine OpMnager for network traffic assessment.

It is a complete Network monitoring software application that provides server monitoring with real-time network monitoring. This application helps you to control or monitor various kinds of servers.

You can also get an option of end-to-end analytics of network infrastructures such as wireless networks, WAN links, and various other local devices. Using ManageEngine OpManager, you can also be benefitted from integrated troubleshooting capabilities along with proper planning as well as configuration management.

Key Features

In-built dashboard for network overview
Realtime threshold violation notification through e-mail and SMS
More than 900 device templates for monitoring
Customizable dashboards & network mapping
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2) NetCrunch
NetCrunch software is suitable for small as well as large businesses. It offers an all-inclusive monitoring option utilizing flexible visualization and policy-based configuration. Network monitoring software is capable of identifying and configuring various network devices.

Key Features

Out of the box feature for identifying, and monitoring network devices
More than 330 monitoring packs and services to notify sudden changes in the network
Nine feature modules for satisfying infrastructure requirements
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3) SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
SolarWinds top network monitoring software
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor automatically detects the devices linked with your network and using its intuitive dashboard, it regulates and checks the performance of connected devices. With this software, you can discover and diagnose the origin of performance issues using NetPath as well as infrastructure links via a network topology map.

Its custom alert system allows you to finalize trigger conditions to receive alerts through email or SMS. You can also check the list of alerts by browsing through the All Active Alerts page.

Key Features

SNMP monitoring
Automatically detects various connected devices on your network
Network packet analysis
Alert system through SMS and email
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4) Zabbix – Top Network Monitoring software
Zabbix top network monitoring software
Zabbix is one of the best Linux-based monitoring software at present. This open-source monitoring tool is used for monitoring network hardware as well as network servers. The Zabbix, one of the top network monitoring software, is capable of predicting the future on the basis of previous data and historical trends.

One of the best things about this Zabbix software is it brings together server, network, applications, and last but not least service monitoring into an integrated solution and uses SNMP and IPMP for network monitoring. Its auto-discovery feature reveals rapid configuration changes automatically.

Key Features

Flexible and easy for monitoring network performance
Metric collection methods and protocols
Rapid configuration changes
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5) Nagios Core
Nagios Core
Nagios Core is another open-source monitoring software that comes with interfaces like web interface and user interface. The web interface monitors the performance of your network while the user interfaces check network status through tools like Host Status Totals and Service Status Totals.

The network monitoring software sends the track performance result through email and SMS. In this, the alerts are color-based so that you can diagnose the risk and prioritize accordingly. It is one of the best network monitoring softwares which allows you to run freely for your network system.

Key Features

Open source and free network monitoring software
Performance dashboard
Capacity planning
Community-created plugins
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6) Atera
Image Credit: Atera
Atera is also one of the most popular network monitoring software free download full version. In this software, you will also see two versions that are free versions along with paid versions. This software contains service, maintenance tasks, and application monitors.

It is also known as remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. The best thing about this software is, the technician team doesn’t have to work the same at a time on site. Everything that monitors on this atera software saves on Cloud which is the best thing.

Key Features:

It is a free real-time software
Three types of packages are available like Pro, Growth, and Power
Best software reporting, analytics, and alerts
Benefits of top Network Monitoring Software
Good monitoring software is beneficial for your business security and saves your crucial time as well as money.
Provides complete information about networks.
It also protects your internal information by monitoring critical issues and various security threats.
Final Words
For every organization, it is highly essential to maintain network performance in an appropriate shape, and for this, the best network monitoring software is a must-have.

It allows you to a well-defined way to monitor and manage your devices and use according to your need.