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A business name generator that actually helps you find the perfect name. When starting your business name search, finding a great company name isn’t easy. For most people, it feels like a difficult, tedious, and frustrating task. But we are here to help! Our business name generator, tools, and strategies will allow you to find the perfect business name that deeply resonates with your brand tone.

Start by exploring great hand-curated names through our AI-powered company name generator. You can search by industry and get customized name ideas instantly. Or, explore names by specific keywords or emotions that connect to your specific brand. Finding a great brand name is just a few clicks away!

Business Name Generator By Industry

One great way to find names for your business is to search by your specific industry. Industry-specific names are more customized for your business and can help capture the nature of your brand. Search by Agency & Consulting, Real Estate, Fashion & Clothing, or any industry your brand lives in.

Business Name Generator By Keywords

A business name search by keywords that are specific to your venture is another great way to find the perfect name. Type in a keyword such as ‘nest’, ‘pure’, ‘growth’, or ‘glow’, and you’ll be met with personalized name recommendations that can work for your business.

Business Name Generator by Emotions

Names by emotions can be thought of as the most catchy name generator. Designing a brand on a specific emotion is a powerful strategy. Emotions are a great way to connect with your target audience and personalize your brand even further. Decide which emotions help tell your brand’s story whether that’s Power, Strength, Happiness, Ambition, or any emotion that connects to your brand.

Set The Foundation

Understand what values, ideas, and key concepts you’d like your brand to capture. Writing down these baseline concepts will allow you to build off of them and create an impressionable name.

Know Your Audience

A brand name must appeal to your core audience and what they value. Remember that whatever brand name you land on should resonate more with your target audience since they will be the deciding factor between success and failure for your brand. A company name generator by industry can be a great tool for finding names that align with your audience.

Think Big Picture

An important factor when thinking of a name is considering your long-term business goals. Avoid focusing on a name that narrows your ability to grow and transform your brand over the years.

Know The Danger Zones

Avoid names that are difficult to say, hard to spell, or lose engagement with your audience. Memorable, captivating names are a great way to push your business forward.

Start Brainstorming

Just like our crowdsourcing model, brainstorming with a group of individuals is a great way to get ideas flowing. Try to brainstorm as many catchy business name ideas as you can before landing on a final name.

Test Your Name

By utilizing audience testing and trademark support, you can get feedback from real people as well as avoid any potential legal issues that can become tedious and expensive down the line.

Hand-Curated Marketplace Names
We make finding names easy. Search our extensive selection of hand-curated names by branding experts. Find your perfect brand name and purchase instantly. Discover names by industry, emotions, big ideas, and more that align with your venture.

5 Effective Naming Styles

When using a business name generator to find cool, creative, and catchy name for your small business, brand, startup, firm, or just about anything else, it’s always difficult to determine where to start. We believe that the first step in creating a great brand name is defining the underlying tone of your brand — aligning your brand with your audience and your strategic plan.

Classic Names

Classic names often align with a brand that wants to convey themselves as being preeminent, premium, and high-end. These names typically align with specific industries that want to illustrate to their customers that they prioritize offering high-end and luxury products and services.

Solution-based Names

Solution-based names are a great branding strategy to convey straightforwardly what your business does or provides. These names are highly regarded as being brandable, descriptive, and easy to market.

Intriguing Names

Intriguing names can come in several forms from standard intriguing, modern, and outlier. Whichever route you choose, intriguing names are built off of a big idea or concept that relates to your brand in some way. They help encourage brand recall and can help pique your target audience’s interest.

Fun and Playful Names

Fun and playful names are a great option if you want to come across as a warm, inviting, and approachable brand. While this naming style doesn’t work for every industry, it’s a great choice if your industry focuses on Kids and Babies, Entertainment, Marketing, or other welcoming industries.

Emotionally Powerful

Emotionally powerful names help elicit an emotional response from your target audience. Connecting with your audience through an emotion that is key to your business is a powerful strategy. This naming style only makes sense if your brand has an emotion you’d want to present at the forefront of your brand.

Examples of Great Business Names – Good Business Names List
A great business name can come in numerous forms from Standard Intriguing, Emotionally Powerful, to Abstract. Below are some examples of what a great business name looks like

Business Name Generator Tips and Tricks
When using a business name generator, the most important aspect is to create a relevant name with strong meaning and positive associations that clearly capture your brand’s essence.


When choosing a name that has a misspelling, there are a few etiquette rules to consider. First, misspellings should be slight and easy to recognize. Names like Lyft or Flickr are great examples. However, names like Conect or Acheive do not work and can be confused with common misspelled words. And avoid choosing names with multiple misspellings (i.e. Flickrr, Lyfte.


Blended names should have a straightforward and obvious connection like Groupon (Group and Coupon), Netflix (Internet and Flicks), Instagram (Instant and Telegram). Remember to choose words that are easy to say and spell. Double blends should always be avoided (AddVantEdge, for example).

Greek or Foreign Roots

If your brand name is based on a Greek or other foreign root word, be sure to use phonetically simple roots, such as Cata or Deca.

Numerical Values

Numerals are typically not encouraged when it comes to naming.

Abstract Names

The golden rule for abstract names is choosing one that sounds good and is easy to say. Think of Hulu, Zara, Redfin; these names don’t have any real meaning, but they sound great. Abstract names that are long or difficult must be avoided.


Phrases chosen as a brand name should not include any misspellings. For example, StumbleUpon is a great option and would not be recommended as StmbleUpon or StumblUponn.