Car Park Investments is Dead Not Working Again

Car Park Investments would like to introduce a new commercial property opportunity designed for today’s astute investor that offers long term profitability and high yields.The proposition is for an investor to purchase an individual parking space within commercial towers, that is leased back and fully managed by the operator on your behalf.

Proven Investment Opportunity
700 million cars in the world today
Predictions – set to double in the next 30 years to well over a billion
Resulting in double the demand for parking and increasing prices
The parking industry generates over $20billion a year
Car Parks have been a long standing, high yielding corporate investment, offering below market entry levels, guaranteed returns and structured exit options
Demand for car parks within Dubai and the UK are particularly gaining momentum as investors capitalise on the regular income stream this presents
In early 2015, Britain’s most expensive car parking space went on sale for nearly £500,000, almost twice as much as the average UK house
“Car parking is at a premium and has been a long-standing, high yielding corporate investment worldwide. We are proud that this investment is no longer just for the super-rich, with individual parking spaces now available to purchase at just US$43,500 each.”

Car Park purchases have already witnessed substantial success and favourable statistics, which have proved it to be both reliable and rewarding. Within Central Business Districts in particular there is a massive shortfall in the number of car parking spaces in comparison to commuter volume and subsequently demand far outweighs supply.

An increasing number of companies are now renting long-term car parking facilities for their employees in major cities, including the UK, Hong Kong, USA and Dubai. This growth sector therefore certainly shows no signs of slowing down. With Dubai’s rising population and increased number of cars expected on the road, the demand for car parks is only anticipated to increase.

Dubai continues to receive particular interest within the commercial property sector for both car parking spaces and business centres as strong business activity is fuelling demand. With a growing appetite for commercial office space in Dubai, this subsequently has an impact on the requirement for car park spaces creating a captive audience.

JLT residential population of 60,000 with a working population of 120,000
Over 80 Towers and over 80% completed
Car Parking for visitors currently run by Concordia (due to paid parking)
Projected Business Bay population 191,000 (residential), 110,000 Employers and others (commercial) (301,000 total)
Cost of entire site estimated at USD $30 billion
Commercial Towers currently at 5/1 ratio on people to car park spaces in the building
Business Bay to be fully completed by 2019
Commercial rents rose 7 per cent in 2012, 18 per cent in 2013, and 24 per cent last year, rising from Dh70 per sq ft. to Dh110 per sq ft.
Single or multiple parking spaces are available, which provide a guaranteed return of 8.28% p.a. for 5 years.