Godaddy BIN Landers is Smart Key For Domain Investors

Godaddy BIN landers is smart key for domain investors : Earlier 2021, GoDaddy teased that its landing pages with Buy It Now (BIN) functionality will be released at some point in 2021. That time has almost come, and domain investors who list their domain names with BIN prices on Afternic will soon be able to utilize the new GoDaddy-branded landing page design. Joe Styler mentioned the new GoDaddy-branded landing page on Twitter over the weekend showing how it looks on mobile devices:

Previously, the only BIN landing page option for investors was an Afternic-branded landing page with a less prominent GoDaddy logo. Obviously, the GoDaddy branding is much stronger than Afternic, and having the GoDaddy logo as the anchor should provide a lift. In fact, GoDaddy has been testing its branded landing pages, and I presume the general availability means there was a lift in results.

Joe also shared how investors will be able to implement the GoDaddy BIN landing page. Importantly, domain names must be listed for sale via Afternic / GoDaddy, and they must also have a buy it now purchase price listed.

For investors with domain names that meet these two requirements, Joe said they can change the nameservers to and, and the new landing page should resolve. Joe did not provide an exact date for when the landing pages will become available, but he mentioned it would be this week.

I would be curious to run head to head testing with BIN landing pages from GoDaddy vs. vs. Efty vs. customized BIN landing pages. GoDaddy charges a higher commission rate for closed sales than other platforms.

I am always happy to pay on sales via their DLS registrar network since they arguably have generated the sales. However, on sales closed via landing page, the buyer likely found the domain name on their own. The platform trust is likely important, but it remains to be seen if the close rate makes a higher commission rate worthwhile.

I have an email in to GoDaddy to ask when the landing pages will be available for investors to implement. Once I get an exact date, I will update this article.

Update: According to a couple of users, the new BIN landing page is now available since 27 April 2021. I have tested it myself though.

How To Use Godaddy BIN Landers

1. Easiest Method : Change all your nameservers to and Ensure that your domain has listed at afternic and set BIN price

2. Use Forwarding : You can forward or redirect any domain that listed at afternic to this destination :

Please change “yourdomain” with your actual name.

Note : Godaddy BIN landers sales commission is about 20% , but it is still good. you can increase the price to avoid certain commission . Let’s check and compare the example :

# You sell the domain for $1000 via Godaddy BIN landers. Then it sold for $1000. So your net sales is $800.00

# When you want to get net sales minimum $1000 , you should change the price at Godaddy BIN landers via your afternic account . This is a simply formula to calculate :

130 % x your actual price at Godaddy BIN landers

First , Define exactly how much net sales

Second , use mentioned formula to avoid 20% commission

Third, you get fully amount as you define on first step.

Still Confussing ?

This is an example how you can calculate

First step , you may sell the domain and you want to get net sales minimum $1000

Second, lets calculate with the formula :

130 % x $1000 = $1300

Yes, next step is checking your price at your afternic account. Change the domain price $1300

Third , when your domain sold via Godaddy BIN landers , godaddy will charge 20% commission . Let’s calculate

Total Sales = $1,300

Godaddy Commission : 20 % x $1300 = $260

Your NET Sales = $1,300 – $260 = $1,040

Let’s check again your first step , is it true that you get minimum $1000? You can use this formula to any domain names.

So , commission isn’t too important and doesn’t matter as long as your domain sold . Its about win win solution in domaining