Honeywell Multi Zone Thermostat Review

Honeywell Multi Zone Thermostat Review -Multi-zone thermostats getting a lot of attraction nowadays. They totally change the concept of managing temperature in the different zones with a single connected equipment. Honeywell is making thermostats for such a long time. I was really amazed when I see their complete line of thermostats. They are making every kind of and for every use, they have one, and the most sophisticated one that can control the multiple zones is called Honeywell T9.

The most recent model is equipped with the latest technology—this Honeywell multi-zone thermostat support room sensors. One is included in the package, while you can buy additional room sensors separately. There is a comparison Ecobee3 lite vs Nest; read that to know what its competitors are offering will help you make your mind.

Like every gadget, it also needs some improvement, but overall, if I compare it with other leading names, I surely can say that it’s a complete package.

Multi Zone Technology of Honeywell Smart Thermostat
I recommend this thermostat to a large homeowner who has large covered areas and wants to monitor and regulate the temperature of the whole house through a single app and a single thermostat. Its sensors come with an awesome range of 200 feet and depend on the secure communication frequency that is good to penetrate through the wall, making it an ideal choice to manage the temperature of multistory houses and large covered areas. Some of the core features and benefits are:

Awesome room sensor range, up to 200 ft.
Equipped with the temperature sensor.
Can gauge humidity.
Designed to sense the occupancy.
It can be expanded to 20 sensors.
Sensors run on 2 AAA batteries.

These room sensors help get the preferred temperature in a particular room or zone, and once installed with the 2 AAA batteries, these can run for at least one year, these are low energy consumption devices, and through your phone, you can view the data from each sensor. During my review, I met with a limitation when there is an update in a room where the sensor is installed and the app is opened on the mobile.

What? I am not getting the updated data on the app until I used to take one step back and again access the sensor on the mobile app. It is not a limitation that can change the decision; hopefully, it will be covered in the next updates. Its conviviality can be placed on a wall where you want to monitor the temperature. I

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What You Will Really Get in Honeywell Multi Zone Thermostat
It’s going neck by a neck in competition with two big giants; please don’t think you are buying a second or third option. Believe me. It has versatile compatibility; it works with most heating and cooling systems used in the USA and compatible with heat pump systems.

I found that it gives liberty to control the temperature from anywhere for this purpose, Honeywell develops an app that works with both ios and Andriod mobiles and makes it convenient to view the reports, statistics, current setting as well as from app its possible to create schedules and set new alerts even when the user is miles away.

I just mentioned smart alerts. These are the push type notification just like other mobile apps; these will keep you informed about the temperature, filter change, and different settings.

Its flexible seven-day scheduling feature, accessible from mobile and thermostat, allows setting multiperiod schedules as per your choice that you can follow and suspend while setting a temporary temperature with the single press of a button.

Honeywell used the technology at its best. Its location-based temperature control is the best example where this smart device can detect the location phone that helps the thermostat decide when to turn on the devices and when to shut them off.

So when you are away, you do not need to manually turn your devices off or need to use an app. It can do it automatically.

Voice Assistant Built-in, No
ENERGY STAR Certified, Yes
Compatibility, 24-volt heating and air conditioning systems
Touch Screen, Yes
Programmable, Yes
App Compatible, Yes
Multi-Zone Control, Yes
Compatible with 24V Cooling, Yes
Compatible with 24V Heating, Yes
Program Type, 7 day, Learning
Works With, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, SmartThings

Compatible Product(s), Air conditioners, Furnaces, Heat pumps, Hot water systems
Operating System Compatibility, Android, Apple iOS

Along with focusing on good quality multi-zone sensors, Honeywell also designed a display that people like most. Yes, this smart thermostat has an interactive high-quality display, which comes with a user-friendly interface even a novice user can understand the menu and related displayed items. It’s easy to navigate, menus show the current temperature for every sensor as well as allows you to choose the preferred setting comfortably.

The display is large enough and changes backlight when it converts from heating to cooling. Temperature reading displayed large enough from a far distance it can be viewed easily.

Priority comfort setting for each and multi-room focus are some areas that I like most, well I live this thermostat because just a one-time setting keeps it running as per need for an unlimited time, and its compatibility with the Alexa is amazing. It’s responsive, fast, and quick to act upon, so while watching tv or during cooking, when it gets a command through Alexa, it acts upon that and gives you the liberty to stay free from standing in front of the thermostat and use the mobile app.

What You Will Not Get?
Like I mentioned earlier, just like every tech gadget, this thermostat also needs improvement in some areas and here I list some of them. For a normal user, these things really do not matter. I use this thermostat for more than six months, and I do not find any shortcoming in this device, but yes if one wants to dig in deep, then definitely there will be some hurdles like:

No motion sensor on the main unit.
Do not support Homekit.
Doesn’t integrate directly with other Honeywell smart devices.
Its IFFT functionality is limited.
Do not have a website dashboard yet for controlling and viewing statistics.
Not compatible with electric baseboard heaters (120-240V), dual fuel, and millivolt systems.
Multiple profiles are not available you can have just one.
eblOverall it’s a thermostat that is perfect for managing the temperature of multi zones, especially in large and multistory homes. All other options come with a sensor range of 50 feet that is limited room sensor of this masterpiece works up to 200 feet, and their connectivity is stable. Its Wifi connectivity is stable and fast to connect, and energy reports can be viewed on the mobile app. Energy star certification means it can save your money on the energy bills, and I figure out that cumulatively in a time period of six months, it saved me more than 15 percent, so it nearly earns its cost in one year.

You can make a start with just one room sensor that comes with the package, and then you will have the liberty to add more to manage multi zones. From different vendors, these sensors are available single and in pairs. You may extend up to 20 room sensors.