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Metaverse domain names for sale available on discount price or buy at reseller level instantly. This is a little explanation on metaverse domain names :

Metaverse Corporation has launched a new solution which enables owners of unused domain names with a retail product focus to earn an income stream by allowing Metaverse to launch an online store at their domain name. The resulting revenue share is much higher than can be found with solutions that rely on advertising as the primary means of creating monetization while the domain owner holds the domain for future use or sale.

Most of the registered domains on the Internet are left unused while domain owners hold them in their portfolios for future use or sale. Few options have been available to create any income from leveraging their value during this time. Domain name owners seek to try to create some income from the domains in the meantime to help cover annual registration costs. However, almost all available solutions rely on advertising revenue as a means of monetization, which results in very little value created; commonly only a few cents a month to a few cents a day.

These solutions typically consist of a 1 to 5 page website which is nearly 100% full of advertising. These “websites” are essentially spam and are an annoyance to visitors and are for good reason excluded from being indexed in search. Conversely, the websites Metaverse launches are full featured online stores with hundreds of pages of relevant products, which provide a positive user experience and often results in being ranked in search.

“With so many premium names tied up in portfolios, it’s hard to secure a good name for retail use,” said Metaverse founder and Chief Executive Doug Kerwin. “A good domain name is extremely important in online retail. Our platform enables us to launch new brands leveraging good domain names, sharing the rewards with the domain owner.”

Metaverse’s first of its kind solution launches a fully featured online store at the domain, sharing 15 to 20% of the product revenue with the domain owner. For example, if you own the name, Metaverse will launch a store which directly offers for sale several hundred Jazz art prints and posters. Users who visit this domain find relevant products related to their intention in visiting the site and make purchases. The resulting revenue share can be a hundred times higher than what the domain owner would earn with traditional advertising based methods.

Metaverse will only work with domain names in which it has retail products to compliment the domain name. Currently Metaverse offers products for domains in the wall art, posters, and home decor markets, but will be adding additional product types.

About Metaverse Corporation – Metaverse is the parent company and wholesale distributor Lieberman’s and has been a leading online retailer in the wall art space since 2005. The company has offered private label solutions of its e-commerce platform since 2007 to several hundred clients including many big box retailers. Metaverse currently employs 60 in its South Brunswick, NJ offices.

Some Notable Sales :Andrew Rosener Sold for $175,000

On the most recent edition of the Domain Sherpa show, Andrew Rosener reported the sale of for $175,000. According to a tweet from NameBio, had been acquired for just $2,232 on October 31, 2020 via the platform.

Whois records show that is registered under Whois privacy at Uniregistry. The domain name currently resolves a “for sale” landing page with a Chinese translation below the English messaging. There is a link to an offer form on

Also according to NameBio, the $175,000 sale of is the largest publicly reported .io domain name sale of all time. In fact, it is the first six figure .io sale. The next largest .io domain name sales are ($88,000), ($80,000), and ($68,000).

You can learn more details about the sale of and listen to some good industry talk on the Domain Sherpa show with Andrew, Jonathan Tenenbaum, Shane Cultra, and Matt Overman.

What is the Metaverse? Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually … Concepts similar to the Metaverse have appeared under a variety of names in the cyberpunk genre of fiction as far back … Lab, and then shut down when some social networking features were added to the Website. –wikipedia