MOT Rules Change 2021 due to COVID 19 : Drivers Must Know

MOT Rules change 2021: As we all know, coronavirus pandemic happens all over the world. Almost each and every field is compromising with such pandemic. In various fields, loss happens and head in this article, I am not taking any field as an example. Because today our topic is MOT rules change, so if you are a driver, then it’s compulsory for you to know all these new changes.

It is also mandatory for every car owner, motorcycle owner, Van owner, etc. to know all these changes. But if you are a newbie who doesn’t know what is MOT? Or MOT Stands for? Then just wait for a second guy, before knowing all those MOT rules change, latest first know that, What does MOT stand for?

MOT meaning:

The MOT is an annual test conducted in the United Kingdom for vehicles over three years that are driven on roads, or the definition of a road, as stated in the Road Traffic Act 1988. The tests conducted are meant to check vehicle safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emissions again following the rules already laid down.

While the exact details of the tests might vary in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the UK, the parts that stay the same are that the test is mandatory and vehicles found plying without the MOT certificate would receive high fines up to £1,000. The new rules state that even cars that are not roadworthy, with an MOT certificate could lead to their drivers receiving penalties of more than double £1,000.

MOT Rules Change made in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Since the virus was spreading as fast as it was, the Government informed people that they should stay indoors and only leave their homes, if they had to. In light of these challenges, it didn’t make sense to have them handle their MOT tests.

Beginning at the end of March, the Government delayed all vehicles that needed to check MOT for six months. All vehicles that were due for an MOT registration between the dates of 30th March to 31st July automatically received a six-month extension.

Vehicles with their MOT expiring earlier needed to book MOT before their expiration since they would not be allowed to ply on the roads otherwise. Furthermore, the Government did, however, state that all cars, MOT registered or not should be roadworthy with high fines if they were not.

The MOT tests started on 1st August and are a bit different to accommodate the new rules by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). People were allowed to get their vehicles registered if they wanted to during the extension and the month of June saw more than 1 million MOT renewals and registrations.

People who are told not to register for the MOT test
The DVSA said that there would be massive backlogs in the coming months and garages would be ‘very busy’. The primary cause is that there were a lot fewer tests conducted in the last couple of months. People who recently entered the country has to quarantine and were not allowed to bring their vehicles for the MOT test.

The Government made arrangements to get vehicle histories and check MOT online. They even had people visiting homes and picking up the cars, getting them MOT registered, and dropping them back when they finished. Additionally, vehicle garages were marked as essential services and open during the lockdown, which was an improvement allowing
people to get their vehicles checked and fixed at these garages.

So they could directly go through with their MOT registrations at the already busy MOT centers. One of the many reasons for the extension was to focus on more pressing matters like ambulances and people on the front lines, including vehicles needed in the emergency to assist people through the pandemic.