Stay Out of Trouble with Final ELD Mandate Problem Issue

Stay Out of Trouble with Final ELD Mandate Problem Issue :ELD Mandate 2021: As per federal law, truck drivers are required to use ELDs or electronic logging devices. The prime purpose of this ruling is to monitor for Hours of Service Violations by the drivers.

Many have already installed ELDs, and there are many who are either still avoiding it, or just have not gotten around to taking care of getting one.

However, as the final ELD mandate is already effective, drivers should understand the norms for avoiding inconveniences in the future.

In this context, given below are some actionable tips for drivers to prevent ELD-related CSA score violations.Stay Out of Trouble with Final ELD Mandate Problem Issue

Tips for Drivers to Prevent ELD mandate related Scores
1) Use a Certified & Regulation-Compliant ELD
Drivers or fleet owners should not take ELD simply as a formality. It is important to make sure that the ELD device works fine, fulfilling all requirements.

For your assurance, here is a list of registered devices with the FMCSA. Starting from model numbers to various details on modes of data transfer, every aspect should be checked.

2) Ensure that ELD mandate can be read by the Inspector
ELD norms make it imperative that the enforcement officer should effectively go through the ELD display.

In case the ELD makes use of a smartphone, which is capable of transferring logs by email or Bluetooth, the driver doesn’t have to hand it over to the inspector.

But, in many cases, the inspector will ask the driver to hand over the device to view logs directly from the screen.

However, it is still important to ensure that the ELD can be viewed by the inspector from outside, without the need to enter the vehicle. This is the rule, and it will be considered a violation of the norm otherwise.

3) Make sure the software is updated
It is a common misconception among many drivers that changing the software from AOBRD to ELD can do their job, despite using the same device.

However, it is crucial to understand that there might be variations in the way the device is navigated.

Once the upgrade is made, the driver is required to enter details like the trailer number and the shipment receipt manually unless the device is coupled with a system to transmit the data for you automatically.

4) Training drivers how to send a data file
The drivers should be trained on how to send a data file to the enforcement official. Upon failing to transfer the file, it will be considered a violation of norms.

In the case of certain AOBRDs, there were ways to deliver logs as a PDF document.

However, this is not the case about ELD anymore. Here the data file has to be downloaded to the ERODS tool to enable the officer to view login details.

The concerned software is meant to translate the ELD detail in a proper readable format for the officer. This entire process is very much automated to determine whether there is any violation of norms or not.

5) How to deal with malfunctions?
The driver needs to understand what to do on occasions when an ELD malfunction occurs. In case of malfunctions, the driver should get notified about the failure through the device itself.

This means the malfunction notification is made visible for the enforcement authorities upon logging in.

The best recommendation for drivers is to make use of paper logs during occasions of malfunctions. The concerned carrier should be notified about the same as soon as possible.

On such occasions, the fleet, responsible, is given eight days to address the issue.

Otherwise, an extension of the period should be taken from the state division administrator. Upon failing to have an extension or fix the device in the given period, it is considered an illicit way of logging.

Drivers are expected to maintain logs for the past seven days with them, in case any malfunction occurs. This should be kept along with paper documents.Stay Out of Trouble with Final ELD Mandate Problem Issue

Under the circumstances that an ELD log has a mistake, the driver or authorized personnel at the carrier office can perform a log edit, to avoid a violation, provided they follow the necessary guidelines.

Now, as the final ELD mandate has made it unavoidable, drivers should better get accustomed to the device as soon as possible. Unable to present the report during an inspection can impose a hefty fine on your company, for violating the ELD regulations.

Additionally, non-exempt drivers who do not possess an ELD when required may be placed out of service for at least 10 hours. Having the device is not enough; the driver must learn how to get used to the technicalities of it as well.