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What impact would a U.S. Degree have on your career? Attracted to the reach and respect of a US degree, thousands of working professionals – from over 130 countries – just like you are realizing their academic goals through University of Phoenix Online, the largest private university in the United States, without ever leaving their homes, their jobs or their families.

Founded in 1989, our Online campus is one of the oldest in the industry to offer internationally established degrees based on the same, US curriculum used for over 30 years on our ground campuses throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Netherlands.

University of Phoenix offers over 50 degree programs in the fields of Business, Technology, Healthcare, Education and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Each program is:

Fast-paced. Take classes one at a time for 5 to 6 weeks each.

Cutting-edge. Acquire skills and expertise that are in high demand with programs that are continually updated.

Concentrated. Maximum 20 students per class, most students can earn their graduate degree in just 2 years.

Hands-on. Learn from the most effective combination of theory and practical experience; all faculty members hold a master’s or doctoral degree and work in the fields they teach.

Engaging. Work with over 140,000 other experienced professionals from various corporations and across industries around the world. Apply your coursework immediately in your work environment.

All you need is a computer, a phone connection, and an Internet Service Provider.

With easy-to-use Internet access software, you’ll retrieve lectures, questions and assignments from your instructor then review them off-line. You’ll have access to a full range of online research libraries and services. You’ll also interact with other successful professionals; sharing ideas, debating issues, and learning from their experience.

Challenging & Rewarding:
It will challenge your ability to quickly assimilate new ideas, evaluate complex data, think creatively, and communicate effectively. But it will be rewarding. Year after year, in post-graduation surveys, an overwhelming majority of our alumni, in fact 95% express a high level of satisfaction with their University of Phoenix education and its impact on their career.

User-friendly. 100% online using simple technology (Microsoft Outlook), including all administration, registration, book buying and access to the world’s best online research library.
Flexible. Attend class at times and places that fit your schedule.
Straightforward to start. No GRE or GMAT entrance exams required. Professional training and previous education can be used to fulfill some credit requirements and a free Foreign Transcript Evaluation is available.
Employer-financed. University of Phoenix Online education qualifies for most employer reimbursement plans. Special financial consideration given to international students (only include this last sentence if keeping the 20%).

Earn your degree from an accredited institution of higher education. The accreditation process plays an important role in ensuring the value of your education. Our degree programs have been evaluated by a governing authority as meeting the necessary requirements of a higher education.

One of the world’s leading accredited online universities. It is difficult to find an online university that offers a more comprehensive course selection and choice of business degree programs than University of Phoenix Online. We take our leadership role very seriously and we are committed to maintaining the rigorous academic standards that ensure our full value as an institution of higher learning.

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)* and is a member of the North Central Association (NCA)**.

*The Higher Learning Commission
30 N. LaSalle Street
Suite 2400
Chicago, Illinois 60602-2504
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