What is an Air Ionizer?

What is an Air Ionizer? Air ionizer meaning by expert : Various ways have been introduced to clean the polluted environment and convert contaminated air into a fresh one. For this purpose, air purifiers have been invented that use fans and filters to eliminate unhealthy microorganisms or dust particles present in the environment. Air purifiers are very effective when it comes to clean the air from pollutants & harmful particles.

People who use Air purifiers do not know that another Technology is another way of cleaning the air. One other thing can be useful if an air purifier is not available, and that is called an air ionizer.

An air ionizer is used for the same purpose, but the only difference between it and the air purifier is that it uses ions to remove the microbes, particles, and odors from the air. In many modern air purifiers, it’s used in combination with advanced air filters. Like HEPA and Activated Carbon Filters, long with Pre-Filter are commonly found in combination where an Ionizer is used in Air Purifiers.

In most air purifiers, an ionizer is an optional feature that can be turned on or off, and it depends on the user either he wants to use it or not.

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How does an Air Ionizer Work?
An air ionizer uses ions to get rid of pollutants or contaminants from the environment or air. An ion is a positively or negatively charged particle. What an air ionizer does is that it releases negative ions into the environment, which attach themselves to the positively charged particles present in the room.

These positively charged particles can be bacteria, allergens, smoke particles, dust, or some virus. When the negative Ions released from the air ionizer attach themselves with these positive ions, a bond is formed in the form of dense particles that are unable to float in the air.

These dense particles fall on the ground and are then swept off easily, or the fan in the air purifier brings them to filter so that they can be easily cleaned there. This is how an air ionizer cleans the air and turns it into fresh and breathable air.

What are the Standards for an Air Ionizer?
To get the kind of air ionizer that will not harm you in any way possible, you need to find the air ionizer that meets the California air resources board (CARB). This standard will tell you that the ionizer you are going to use is not harmful to you or your environment in any way. Meeting the standard is very much important whenever you go to select an air ionizer.

This standard is a home to those ionizers with an ozone emission concentration of fewer than 0.05 parts per million. In other cases, if the ozone emission is more than this, then that air ionizer is not the one you are looking for because it will be dangerous for your health.

Pros and Cons of Air Ionizer
No matter how advanced this technology is, an air ionizer has pros as well as cons. If it is beneficial in various ways, it can be harmful in certain ways as well.

The best thing about an air ionizer is that it is maintenance-free. Unlike other air purifiers that use filters for fans to remove the polluted air, an air ionizer has no filters when used as a stand-alone system to purify the air. That is why you do not have to worry about the filter replacement while using the air ionizer.

This thing alone will save you a lot of time, and this thing makes it a lot more effective than an air purifier. When it comes to an air purifier, you would have to clean the filter now and then, but there is no such thing as an air ionizer.

Its also maintenance-free when you are buying an air purifier that uses other filters along with an air ionizer, Like you may need to replace your carbon or HEPA filters but not the Ionizer.

Also, the performance that this device gives you is quite efficient and can even kill bacteria and viruses present in the environment. Though it is not as effective as an air purifier when used as a stand-alone solution, it can still clean your environment in its best capacity.

As this device uses electricity to perform its function, it has a higher power consumption factor. To make itself more productive and functional, there is a possibility that it will consume more power. This factor makes it difficult to afford for some people, and this is why it comes as optional features.

People who have asthma and respiratory disorders can get irritated because of the Ozone they release as a by-product. You can avoid it by getting those air ionizers whose ozone emission is less than 0.05 parts per million. This thing will help you be safe.

Final Words
People go with different preferences. Some people are not in favor of having an air purifier, but they are completely ok with an air ionizer. Both of these things are used to clean the environment, and it is completely up to you to go for the device of your choice.

Although ozone is released as a by-product in an air ionizer, if you still follow the California air resources board standards, you can avoid it and get yourself the best air ionizer possible.

At the end of the day, it is completely your call to choose whatever you like.