What is the Energy Star Certification How it Useful ?

What is the Energy Star Certification and How it Help Consumers? There are specific programs in the US that are backed by the government to promote energy efficiency, and energy star is one of them, initiated by the US environmental protection agency and the US department of energy to improve energy efficiency. One can understand the importance of this program because around 75 different categories of products have the label of energy star.

How has the energy star evolved over the years?
Back in 1992, the Energy Star program was initiated. This program started its operation under the authority of the clean air act. Back in time, this program was used only to test computer and printer products’ energy efficiency. In 1995 seeing the effectiveness of this program, the operation of it was expanded. By 1995 this program was testing the heating and cooling systems of new homes along with computers and printers.

Now American workers are busy manufacturing such products that are up to the standard of energy stars. This program has introduced a lot of wonders, and it is making sure that the products are energy-efficient and climate-friendly.

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How do appliances or products get the energy star certification?
EPA sets specific standards. For an appliance to be eligible for an energy star label, it must meet the criteria set up by EPA.

In simple words, if there is such an appliance or product that has the capacity of using less energy, then it will be considered eligible for energy star certification. Sellers must note that the strict Energy efficiency criteria have been set up by US environmental protection energy or the US department of energy.

Requirements for Computers to get the label of Energy Star

The criteria for computers to get the energy star label is as follows:

Computers must have the ability to operate in different modes like off, sleep, and idle.
There should be efficient power management.
It is a must that the display goes to sleep within 15 minutes in case there is inactivity.
In the case of activity, the system should go to sleep within 30 minutes.
Computers that are energy efficient are eligible for an energy star label. The criteria mentioned above are deemed fit for networks, desktop notebooks, tablets, and workstations.

How do Air Purifiers get the Energy Star label?

There is a way to do everything, and for air purifiers to get the label of energy star, they must meet the standard of CADR. It is a clean air delivery rate, and it is responsible for measuring the contaminant-free air out of the air purifiers.

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Requirements for Air Cleaners to get the Energy Star Label?
Air cleaners must meet the standards set by Energy Star to get the label. The minimum requirements are as follows.

An air cleaner must have the ability to produce 50 CADR to produce Dust.
Performance requirements should be equal to 2.0 CADR/Watt.
The air cleaner must restrict Ozone production. The limit for Ozone production is 50 PPB.
Some other Examples!

For refrigerators to be eligible for energy star certification, they must be 15% more efficient than the federal efficiency standard.
For office equipment to be eligible for this certification, it is essential to automatically enter a low-power sleep mode after a specific time of inactivity.
For light bulbs, they must use less energy than a standard incandescent bulb.

aWhy does energy star certification emphasize a lot on energy efficiency?
Climate is getting out of control because of the presence of chlorofluorocarbon and carbon dioxide in the air. Many products in the market can get into the air. We can quote an example of refrigerators in this regard.

There are gases in refrigerators that are adding constant chlorofluorocarbons into the air. These chlorofluorocarbons go into the stratosphere, and they react with the ozone layer. When these chlorofluorocarbons react with the ozone layer, then they deplete the ozone layer. The depletion of the ozone layer means that ultraviolet rays will enter the earth.

The ozone layer is the proatective covering, and without the protective coating, humans can get into many dilemmas, including skin cancer. In such a scenario, if we can protect the environment through certifications, and energy star certification is one such certification that is playing its role in curbing environmental hazards.

Final Thoughts
We should collectively do our duty to protect our environment. It doesn’t matter if you are a seller of products or a consumer; make sure that the product you are using or selling is energy Star certified. It is the only way through which we can ensure that our environment is safe from environmental calamity. We can’t risk our earth to be like Venus. We have to protect it.